Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: Duel Arena and Daily Duels

       To access the Arena, click the icon next to the "Deck" icon in your game screen (lower left area). Welcome to the Duel Arena! a place where you can duel opponents from all over the world.

       Prove that you are the best Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Master by climbing up the leaderboard. Refer below fro more information. Good Luck!

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- Duel Arena and Daily Duels -

       There are no in-depth tips here that I can give because by the time you enter to try out the
arena, I am sure that you already know what will happen here, ....a series of duel, which you are very familiar with.
     - I will do a little review instead with some suggestions.

The Good,
     - Daily Duel: Every duel will give you 6 Card Points (5 free duels per day).
     - Indicates the score you get for winning a duel, Win consecutive duels to increase it! This
meter resets daily or when you are defeated.
     - Chance to duel opponents around the world. I think the difficulty of the players that you will
duel is dependent to your overall performance. The AI will generate 4 players below and above your performance, and 1 that is match to you.
     - Start dueling lower difficulties first then accumulate points as you go on. Try not to lose!

     - New Duel Arena Objectives for more rewards.
     - Future Rewards!

The Bad,
     - If you are a Free User, forget about the Leaderboards. Even a lesser DP user like me, can't
match up to the rankings, unless all of your friends are non-heavy DP users, then you have a chance to Rank up in the Leaderboards Friends Only Tab.

     - You will be facing heavy DP custom decks that you and your friends aren't using! Well this is
actually half good and half bad. Good because it's challenging and you'll gain some new battle experience. Bad because your chances of winning will be lower than usual!

and The Ugly.
       After the first day of launch, I entered the Arena and won my first 5 duels for 1550 Score.
That's it for my first day, I have to wait for the next day to increase my Score.
       I looked around and noticed that my friends have over 10,000 Score in the Leaderboards!
Well that's alright because they are using DPs to instantly renew the duels, thus making them gods! LOL!
       I unchecked the "Friends Only" check box and was surprised that players would go for over
100,000 Score after a day! O.o
     - My 1,550 versus a 100,000 Score in a single day? Haha! Now that's UGLY!
     - My opinion: The Duel Arena Leaderboard doesn't look like what it should be....sorry.

Other Notes

     - If you try to refresh the game while dueling or if you got disconnected from the game, you
will lose the duel! The record will still show an increment to your Loss stat!

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