BloodRealm Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info

       BloodRealm is a collectible card game (CCG) where players can build a powerful empire to conquer the vast world of evil and magic. To learn the game's basics and advanced features, refer below for more information.

       In Bloodrealm, you send your Champions to destroy the Gods!

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- Game Basics and Info: Type of Cards -

Champion Cards
     - Are the foundations of every deck in. Without them, you will never be able to defeat any
Gods in BloodRealm. To better understand your Champion's attributes, refer to the below pic.
A: Magic Spheres
     - In BloodRealm, cards are grouped into different "Spheres" of magic. Each Champion has
access to Spheres which allow players to put cards of that Sphere type in the Champion's deck.
     - Guru Ka is a Champion that uses Chaos and Light magic, as shown on his Champion Card.

B: Health
     - You lose the battle when your Champion's Health is reduced to 0.

C: Strength
     - Represents the number of damage your Champion or Allies can deal in their turn.

D: Mana
     - Each turn, your Champion gains Mana. Mana is used to summon allies and cast spell cards.
     - Mana gain will increment as the battle goes on.

E: Blood
     - Champions will gain 1 Blood each turn.
     - Blood is used to activate Special Abilities and equipped Items.

F: Special Ability
     - Each Champion has a unique Special Ability that can be activated after reaching the required
amount of Blood. Guru Ka's Inner Flame consumes 6 Blood to use.

G: Items
     - Items are equipped to Champions to give them additional "Special Abilities" in battle.
     - Unlike Special Abilities, Items on the other hand loses a charge after using them. When it
hits 0 charges, you will not be able to use them in battle.
     - To recharge Items, go to your Forge screen and charge them with your available resources.
     - Harvest Provinces and Raid your friends to get more Resources.

H: Champion's Name
     - Guru Ka

I: Card's Graphical Art Work
     - Guru Ka is portrayed as a "Flaming" Champion.
Allies or Creature Cards
     Allies are assigned to a Champions deck and can be summoned as long that you have the
number of required Mana.
     - Allies attack on the turn they enter play unless they have the "Slow" effect.
     - They will automatically attack the enemy ally in the slot opposing them. If there is no enemy
ally on that slot, it will attack the enemy Champion instead.
     - Allies have their own set of Health, Strength and Card Effects too.

Spell Cards
     - Similar to Allies, Spell cards are assigned to a Champions deck and will require Mana.
     - Spells are consumable cards and will only target highlighted cards.
     - Doesn't have any Strength or Health stats.

- Game Basics and Info: Battle Phases -

       Each deck has 24 cards in it. For newbies, just balance out your deck by using 12 allies and
12 spells. If you run out of cards in battle, you will get damaged instead of drawing a card.
       Note: You are only given a minute to finish your turn, so be aware.

Draw Phase
     - Draw 5 cards from your deck into your hand. Only 1 card can be drawn next.
     - In case that your hand is full, you are forced to discard the drawn card or replace a card
in your hand.
     - Champions will also gain a  number of  Mana and Blood in this phase.

Main Phase
     - Summon an ally or allies on the field depending to your Champion's current Mana.
     - Cast Spells or use available Special Abilities.
     - After clicking a card, you can only use them on highlighted cards or slots.

End Phase
     - Most of the time, you can't do anything on your first turn, so just hit the "Attack" option to
end your turn. This will give your Champion the order to enter the Battle Phase!

Battle Phase
     - Always remember that your Champion will only attack the opposing Champion. Allies will
automatically attack the enemy ally in the slot opposing them. If there is no enemy ally on that slot, it will attack the enemy Champion instead.
     - To better understand what is going on, you should familiarize yourself to the different
abilities and effects. Mastering them will give you a clear view of the battlefield. This will also help you set goals and strategies.
     - For more info, refer here: BloodRealm: List of Card Effects

- Other Tips and Information -

Get Better Cards
     - When you are in a very tough battle, visit the Marketplace to purchase Packs or new
Champions. It is recommended to focus on getting Champions first before Packs.
     - Purchase the cheapest Champion decks first. 3000 Silver > 15k Silver > 20k Silver.
     - Aim for Advanced Packs then Elite Packs!
     - Make your Champions more powerful by adding new cards to his or her deck.
     - Don't forget to click "Save Champion" to save your changes.

Grow Your Empire
     - Collect the spoils of war. Go to your "Provinces and Raids" window to collect.
     - Collect resources from your Provinces every 8 hours.
     - Assign a Governor (Champion) to your Conquered Provinces to protect your income.
     - Buy another Champion in the Marketplace in case you need more Protectors.
     - Your Governor's deck will also defend all Raids.

- Unlocks after defeating Mars in the Story Mode
(Reached Level 4).

- Raid other Players, Conquer their Provinces for
a chance at additional resources.
- You can raid your friends and other players by
clicking on the Provinces and Raids menu button. Note that, Raiding will require a number of food.

- If you have unlocked the Raids feature, be
aware that you are open from Raids too! Prepare to repel other players and reclaim your Provinces.

- Unlocks at the early stage of the game.

- Use your Resources to Forge Cards.
- Combine your excess cards and resources
harvested from your provinces to craft new and better cards.
- You may also charge your Items using your

- Use the Forge button from the footer to visit
the Forge.

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