Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: Beast and Beast Warrior Boost Deck - Coins, CP and Free Cards

       Beasts and Beasts Warrior monster cards are known with their very high initial Power ratings and Life Points. Some cards can boost themselves, while the other cards on the other hand should rely on Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts and Battle Steer to get some boosts. Well, that was before...

       The new Mystical Moon is a continuous spell card that will greatly boost all Beast monsters on the field. It is purchasable with Card Points so Free users can enjoy this deck!

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- Beast and Beast Warrior Boost Deck (Coins, Card Points and Free Cards) -

The Boost, Beast Boost All and Beast Warrior Boost All Effect
     - Your Monster gains Power.
     - All your Beast monsters gain power.
     - All your Beast-Warrior monsters gain power.
     - At round start, if you have a Boost All effect, that effect will trigger first before the battle
phase! This will give your monsters a huge advantage when done right.
     - Your aim is to Boost all your monster's Power every Round and to protect them from
any destroy effects.
     - If you need help about Card Effects, go here: Monster and Spell Card Effects

Main Monster Cards ( Choose 9 or 10 Cards)

Leogun (500 CP)
     - Beast/Earth - 1800 Power / 1400 Life Points
     - Boost 100

Mon Larvas (475 CP)
     - Beast/Earth - 1300 Power / 1400 Life Points
     - Boost 200 and Parting Gift 400

Tiger Axe (450 CP)
     - Beast Warrior/Earth - 1300 Power / 1100 Life Points
     - Boost 300

Optional/Alternative Monster Cards

Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (95 CP) and Battle Steer (95 CP)
     - Both cards can increase all Earth monsters' Power by 200.
     - If you want to use these cards instead, you must at least survive the first 2 rounds to boost
their Powers to a higher point.

Nekogal #2 (20 DP or Craft)
     - Beast Warrior/Earth - 1900 Power / 2000 Life Points
     - Rage 100 and Backfire 200
     - You can get a free card through crafting.

Garoozis (9 DP)
     - Beast Warrior/Fire - 900 Power / 1200 Life Points
     - Sneak and Feeble All 200
     - From rewards. Good Sneak effect without worrying about the Feeble All effect.

Main Spell Cards (Limit to 5 or 6 Cards)

       It is recommended to spend your DPs for Spell cards because you can use it to any decks.

Mystical Moon (180 CP)
     - Beast Boost All 500 and Beast Warrior Boost All 400.
     - Great continuous spell card for this kind of deck. This is a must get card!

Mirror Force (34 DP)
     - Special: If a card is played in this channel, all your opponent's monsters are destroyed.
     - Get 1 Free from the Story Mode - Chapter 19
     - Included in the Special Spells Pack from the SHOP (Deals Section).

White Hole (40 DP)
     - Immune All: You monsters can't lose Power or can be destroyed. Takes effect at Round start.
     - Get 1 Free from the Story Mode - Chapter 23
     - If you are a heavy DP cash user, try to get 3 White Hole cards to become nearly invincible!

Optional/Alternative Spell Cards

Waboku (16 DP)
     - Immune All and Backfire 1000
     - If you think you can take the 1000 Backfire, add 1 to ensure your monster's Power growth.
     - Note: Waboku's "Immune All" will take effect first before the "Backfire" and other effects!

Just Desserts (11 DP)
     - Special: At round start, if there are 3 monsters on your opponent's side, your opponent loses
1500 Life Points.
     - Get 1 Free from the Story Mode
     - Included in the Special Spells Pack from the SHOP (Deals Section).

Beast and Beast Warrior Boost Deck and Duel Strategies -

Total Life Points: 12,300 LP

       This deck will focus on boosting your monster's Power with the help of  the Mystical
Moon continuous spell card. You can add 1 more Mystical Moon if you want but never place 3 of these cards on the field to give way to your other spells.

     - You monsters have their own boosting effect too, so they will still get some boosts while
waiting for the Mystical Moon to be placed.

     - Protect them with your Immune spells and destroy enemy monsters with Mirror Force.

Suggested Card Placements ("if available")
     - Mystical Moon: center or right most channel
     - Mirror Force: left most channel
     - Other Cards: Anywhere

Using Side Deck Cards
     - If your opponent's deck is using a common Monster Type or Attribute, Check the Shop
for "Annihilate" spell cards that can destroy that Monster Type or Attribute.
     - Example: "Exile of the Wicked" spell card annihilates or destroys all Fiends!

Share your own customized deck in the comments section too! ^^

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