Pockie Ninja II Social: Ninja Revival or Rebirth Guide

       The Ninja Revival System is a new feature of Pockie Ninja II Social, that will allow players to reset their maxed ninjas back to level 1. After the revival, that ninja will gain 20% more Force from the original Force before the revival. This way, you can now continue leveling your favorite ninja with higher stats!

       Refer below to learn more about this Ninja Revival System and it's requirements and results.

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- Ninja Revival Requirements -

The Requirements
     - Ninja must be at least Level 30 to revive.
     - Ryo and/or Ninja Revival Order item.

Recommended Requirements (Optional)
     - This is what you will need to do to maximize the ninja revival system.
     - Ninja's level is maxed.
     - Ninja has full enhancement.

Required Fee and/or Item Per Revival
       A ninja is allowed to revive 5 times. The first 4 revives will add 20% Force based from your
original Force before revival. The 5th revival will give 100% or x2 Force.

     - Blue Ninjas: No Requirements.
     - Purple Ninjas: 10,000 Ryo per revival.
     - Red Ninjas: 200,000 Ryo for the 1st and 2nd. 200,000 Ryo and a number of Red Ninja
Revival Order item for the next revivals.
     - Gold Ninjas: 1,000,000 Ryo for the 1st revival. 1,000,000 Ryo and a number of Gold
Ninja Revival Order item for the next revivals.

How to Get a Red Ninja Revival Order
     - Wish Shop or Purchase Events.

How to Get a Gold Ninja Revival Order
     - Ninja Packs from the Shop or Purchase Events.

- Ninja Revival System -

       Note that after revival, the only thing that will increase is the ninja's basic attributes
together with his or her enhances. Force under Gears, Altar and Array Formations will not increase.
     - The number of Enhancements will stay the same.
     - Skills will stay the same.

Results After Rebirth
     - 1st Revival: +20% Force
     - 2nd Revival: +20% Force
     - 3rd Revival: +20% Force
     - 4th Revival: +20% Force
     - 5th Revival: +100% Force

Example: If my Lvl 40 S-Naruto with 20,000 Force will undergo Ninja Revival, he will get:
     - 1st Revival: 24,000 Force at Lvl 40
     - 2nd Revival: 28,000 Force at Lvl 40
     - 3rd Revival: 32,000 Force at Lvl 40
     - 4th Revival: 36,000 Force at Lvl 40
     - 5th Revival: 40,000 Force at Lvl 40

       A star will be added above your ninja's portrait after rebirth to track the number of times.

- Things to Watch Out! -

Ninja Level
     - After reviving your Ninjas, his or her level will decrease dramatically! You will need to
boost them up again to make him or her a stronger ninja.

Ninja Enhancements
     - Example, if your Lvl 40 Ninja has 100/200 Attack Enhance, after the revival, your Ninja's
Lvl will drastically go down. Form this point on, you will not be able to enhance your Ninja until you have reached the required Lvl to enhance again.

Ninja Gears
     - Example: After reviving your Lvl 30 Ninja, do not unequip any gears he or she has. If you
did, you will now have to reach the required Lvl to equip that same gear you have unequipped.

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