BloodRealm: Suggested Champions to Buy

       Buy Champions from the Marketplace to increase your strength, protection and flexibility. Champions also have their own unique set of supported spheres, special abilities and stats, giving you more choices for your custom deck and strategies.

       Guru Ka Champion and starter deck is given for free during the tutorial at the start of the game. Follow the tutorial and learn how to play the Guru Ka deck. Always remember to stick to your deck's strategy.

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- Default and Starter Champions -

       The 2 starter Champion decks below are the most recommended decks to buy early game.
They are quite powerful and can beat most decks in the story mode. Add some uncommon and rare cards from Card Packs to get a quick boost.

Guru Ka
     - Free from Tutorial
     - Guru Ka Card Packs and Deck Builds
     - Destroys enemy allies and deal direct damages. Can also use heal.
     - Uses cards with Rage, Frenzy and more.

     - 3000 Silver
     - Keeper Card Packs and Deck Builds
     - Expert on crippling enemies' Strength to deal 0 damage per turn and to take up space.
     - Champion can increase his own Strength while disabling enemy allies.
     - Also deadly when Infect cards are added into it.

     - 3000 Silver
     - Lora Card Packs and Deck Builds
     - Expert on rush attacks, aerial attacks and spell casting.
     - Most Spells are used to support allies and Griffons to directly attack the enemy's Health.

- Suggested Champions to Buy -

       Buy more Champions if you have unprotected Provinces that produces Silver and/or Food,
to greatly reduce the number of Raid attacks. It is also good to strengthen your 3 starter decks first before buying a new one.

Guru Ka to Terminus
     - 15,000 Silver
     - Special Ability: Friendly ally gains Speed for one turn.
     - Frenzy and Rage are good effects together with his Special Ability.

Guru Ka to Ivanna
     - 20,000 Silver
     - Special Ability: Target enemy ally is dealt 2 damage and gains Infect.
     - Similar to Guru Ka, but much more powerful with Infect effect and Shadow spells.

Keeper to Darlok
     - 15,000 Silver
     - Special Ability: Target unit losses 2 Health. Darlok gains 2 Health.
     - Similar to Keeper that buffs it's own to win the battle while crippling the enemies down.
     - Darlok's Special Ability works on the enemy Champion.
     - Sample Combo: Malice Fiend and Dimensional Rift.

Lora to Faith
     - 15,000 Silver
     - Special Ability: Faith loses 2 Health. All friendly allies are protected from damage.
     - This is also a good Champion for rush attacks and flying creatures.
     - Sample Combo: Ethereal Chains and Flying Creatures + Buffing Spells.

       Other decks are good too, as long that you can use their Special Ability with a good strategy.
Note that, more Champions will come as the game goes on. Good Luck!

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