Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: Spells Only Deck Building Guide

       This deck is built to beat the Spells Only - Duel Stars Challenge in some Challenge nodes. They are rare and difficult to complete unless you have a well balanced deck for it.

       Refer below to learn how to beat this challenge and continue on to your Duel Stars hunt. Good luck Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM dueler!

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- Spells Only Decks (Coins, CPs and Free DPs Only) -

The Spells Only Rule
     - All your Monsters are destroyed when played.
     - Your aim is to beat your opponent's deck using the special rule as an advantage!
     - Even if it says "Spells Only", you will still need some monster cards to increase your Life
Points!. Requiem, Shared Fate and Parting Gift are some of the good effects that you might want to find from Monster cards because they activate when destroyed.

     - Direct Damage or Burn cards are obviously a good choice too, but we need to balance
the deck. Too much burn cards will leave you open from monster attacks!, and too much monster cards will not lead you to victory!

     - If you need help about Card Effects, go here: Monster and Spell Card Effects

Main Monster Cards ( Choose 9 or 10 Cards)

Archfiend Mirror (5400 Coins)
     - Fiend/Dark - 300 Power / 800 Life Points
     - Parting Gift 500

Rock Spirit (12,125 Coins)
     - Spellcaster/Earth - 500 Power / 100 Life Points
     - Farewell 300 and Parting Gift 1000
     - Very low Life Points but the 1000 direct damage and +300 Life Points are good.

Dragon Zombie (13 DP)
     - Zombie/Dark - 1000 Power / 500 Life Points
     - Requiem 800 and Feeble 300
     - You can get free 3 Dragon Zombie cards from the Story Mode.

       If you still don't have Dragon Zombies, choose any Monster cards with "Requiem" effect.
     - Do not pick a card that will damage your own Life Points!
     - Pick a card that will give you decent Life Points and good amount of Requiem damage.

Optional/Alternative Monster Cards

Bone Mouse (220 CP)
     - Zombie/Dark - 700 Power / 700 Life Points
     - Parting Gift 500 and Shared Fate
     - Better alternative card for Archfiend Mirror.

Mon Larvas (475 CP)
     - Beast/Earth - 1300 Power / 1400 Life Points
     - Boost 200 and Parting Gift 400
     - Good alternative for Archfiend Mirror with better Life Point value. Get some if you need
more Life Points.

Main Spell Cards (Limit to 5 or 6 Cards)

       It is recommended to spend your DPs for Spell cards because you can use it to any decks.

2 or 3 Mirror Force (34 DP)
     - Special: If a card is played in this channel, all your opponent's monsters are destroyed.
     - Get 1 Free from the Story Mode - Chapter 19
     - Included in the Special Spells Pack from the SHOP (Deals Section).

Tremendous Fire (1 DP)
     - Hurt Opponent 1000.
     - You can get free 3 Tremendous Fire cards from the Story Mode.

Optional/Alternative Spell Cards

Destroy Spell (1 DP)
     - Destroy Spell
     - You can get free 2 Destroy Spell cards from the Story Mode.
     - Just get 1 Destroy Spell to counter your opponent's Call of Darkness card.

Just Desserts (11 DP)
     - Special: At round start, if there are 3 monsters on your opponent's side, your opponent loses
1500 Life Points.
     - Get 1 Free from the Story Mode
     - Included in the Special Spells Pack from the SHOP (Deals Section).

- Spells Only Deck Strategies -

Sample Spells Only Deck (4200 Life Points)
     - Here's a sample deck that I used for completing the "Spells Only" challenge rule.
       To make this work, you must first clear your opponent's monster cards. Mirror Force and
Dragon Zombies will do the trick (hope to draw them asap). If successful, your opponent will become a sitting duck, open to fires!
     - If you only have 1 Mirror Force, place 1 Just Desserts or any spell that you want.

     - They will also attempt to restore some of their Life Points by using some Healing spells, but
your direct damage or burn cards would be enough to incinerate them! (7500 Total Damage)
     - To ensure your victory, add 1 Destroy Spell to counter their Call of Darkness card.

Spells Only Challenge - Node Locations
       If you are looking for locations, go here: Duel Stars Challenge - Type Deck Locations

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