Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: Insect Drain Deck - Coins, CP and Free Cards

       Drain decks will focus on using the "Drain" card effect and some direct damage cards to increase the Power of Drain monsters on the field. This Insect-Drain deck is only limited to Coins, Card Points (CPs) from dueling friends and some free Duel Points from objective rewards.

       Refer below to learn more on how to build up your Insect-Drain deck.

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- Insect Drain Deck (Coins, Card Points and Free Cards) -

Drain Card Effect
     - Gains Power when opponent losses Life Points.
     - Your aim is to deal damage to your opponent's Life Points to increase your monsters Power.
     - Combo with direct damage cards like "Hurt Opponent", "Shock", "Mirror", "Parting Gift"
or any card that will decrease your opponent's Life Points.
     - One notable card is "Acid Crawler", but it is only available for DP users.
     - If you need help about Card Effects, go here: Monster and Spell Card Effects

Main Monster Cards ( Choose 9 or 10 Cards)

Bladefly (101,000 Coins)
     - Insect/Wind - 700 Power / 500 Life Points
     - Drain 300 and Insect Boost All 400

Leghul (62,400 Coins)
     - Insect/Earth - 1400 Power / 700 Life Points
     - Drain 500 and Feeble 600

Spiked Snail (Crafting: 28,375 Total Coins)
     - Insect/Earth - 1200 Power / 100 Life Points
     - Drain 200 and Rage 200

Optional/Alternative Monster Cards

Acid Crawler (40 DP)
     - Insect/Earth - 1400 Power / 800 Life Points
     - Drain 300 and Hurt Opponent 100
     - Perfect monster card for this type of deck! Get 1 free by earning 475 Duel Stars!

Giant Scorpion of the Tundra (105 CP)
     - Insect/Earth - 1200 Power / 1000 Life Points
     - Soothe 100 and Empathy 400
     - Add one or two if you are having trouble with your low Life Points.

Main Spell Cards (Limit to 5 or 6 Cards)

       It is recommended to spend your DPs for Spells because you can use it to any decks.

Fake Trap (9 DP)
     - Special: Opponent loses 500 Life Points for every monster or spell played in this Channel.
     - You can get 1 free Fake Trap from the game.

Magical Thorn (15 DP)
     - Special: Your opponent loses 300 Life Points for each of your Monster or Spell that is
destroyed (including this Spell).
     - This is the best spell card for this deck, get 1 free by completing 325 Duel Stars.

Mirror Force (34 DP)
     - Special: If a card is played in this channel, all your opponent's monsters are destroyed.
     - Get 1 Free from the Story Mode - Chapter 19
     - Included in the  Special Spells Pack from the SHOP (Deals Section).

White Hole (40 DP)
     - Immune All: You monsters can't lose Power or can be destroyed. Takes effect at Round start.
     - Get 1 Free from the Story Mode - Chapter 23
     - If you are a heavy DP cash user, try to get 3 White Hole cards to become nearly invincible!

Optional/Alternative Spell Cards
Just Desserts (11 DP)

     - Special: At round start, if there are 3 monsters on your opponent's side, your opponent loses
1500 Life Points.
     - Get 1 Free from the Story Mode
     - Included in the Special Spells Pack from the SHOP (Deals Section).

Waboku (16 DP)
     - Immune All and Backfire 1000
     - If you think you can take the 1000 Backfire, add 1 to ensure your monster's Power growth.
     - Get 1 free by completing 325 Duel Stars.
     - Note: Waboku's "Immune All" will take effect first before the "Backfire" and other effects!

Life Absorbing Machine (14 DP) NEW!
     - Hurt Opponent 500 and Heal 500

- Sample Insect-Drain Deck and  Strategies -
       To make this work, you need to build up your Insect's Power as soon as possible. Use your
spells to deal direct damages to your opponent's Life Points for an easy Power gain. Finish
the duel before your opponent depletes your low Life points!
     - Bladefly card has the least Power so place it on the right most channel to get some boosts
from the first 2 channels.
     - If you have Acid Crawler, place it at the left most channel for better performance.

     - Best used against decks with "Backfire" effects like Dragon decks!

Using Side Deck Cards

     - If your opponent's deck is using a common Monster Type or Attribute, Check the Shop
for "Annihilate" spell cards that can destroy that Monster Type or Attribute.
     - Example: "Exile of the Wicked" spell card annihilates or destroys all Fiends!

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