Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: 100k+ Power and Life Points! How to Do It?

       Here's a simple information to guide players how to reach the highest Power possible in Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM. It's completely legal and doable by any players. No cheats, hacks and special photo editing!

       Refer below to learn more. Note that you will need to build a specific deck and duel a specific deck or duel stars challenge node to do this. Happy Playing!

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- Insane Power with Empathy Deck -

       First, I recommend to build an Empathy Deck. Use it as your main active deck then follow
the steps below to experience the insane power of Empathy Decks!

Empathy Card Effect
     - Gains Power as you gain Life Points. Losses Power as you lose Life Points.
     - Your aim is to gain Life Points in order to Power up your Empathy monster cards.
     - Go here to learn how to build one: Empathy Deck Building Guide

Versus Plants-Immune Decks
- Immune: You Monster cannot lose Power or be destroyed.

- The only problem is that, "Queen of Autumn Leaves" has a
1000 Backfire. This will burn it's owner before you can even reach 10,000 Power! To resolve this, let's find a Duel Stars Challenge Node with a Special Rule: Heal.

Special Rule: Heal
- The opponent gains a number of Life Points at each Round.
- Ex: Go to Chapter 21 and clear the Boss Node (Lower Area).
- Re-enter and choose the Heal 1500: The Opponent gains 1500 Life Points at each Round. Now this will cover the burn effect.

       Play the game until your enemy draws and plays the "Queen of Autumn Leaves" card.
     - Do not use your anti creature cards like Mirror Force.
     - Make sure your 3 monster cards have the upper hand and just let your enemy use Immune.
     - This will lead to an infinite loop giving you a chance to get the Power you want!

     - Now, you can get 10k, 100k or maybe over 999k Power/Life Points! =P
       Take a screenshot and show them to your friends! =P

How to End the Duel
     - Just use your Mirror Force or any anti creature spell.
     - If you don't have any, use the Destroy Monster Power-Up.
     - Attack and dish that 100,000+ Power!

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