Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: How to Gain More Coins - Tips and Tricks

       Coins and Card Points are the most commonly used currencies in Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM. They are mainly used for purchasing monster and spells cards in the Shop section and can be obtained through various ways in-game.

       This guide will focus on some interesting ways on how to gain more Coins. For more information, refer below.
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- Coins Farming Guide - Tips and Tricks -
The Common Ways
     - Earned by winning story and side story duels.
     - Quest Rewards
     - Found from Treasure Nodes
     - Bought with Credits (real cash users)
     - and more

Gifting Coins - Tips
       So why gift Coins instead of Card Points? Well, as the game goes, new cards will come and
some of them can only be purchased with Coins. There are so many good "Coins Only" cards out there like Boost/Boost All cards and some useful side deck cards.

     - Simply click the "Send Gifts" option above your game screen to send Coins but here's a
simple tips for you. First, check how many Coins and what free gift card is available in the gift window.

     - Check the free gift card's selling price and compare it to the value of Coins in the gift
     - If the selling price is higher, gift that card to your friends instead of Coins.
     - If your friends gave you some cards back, sell those cards in the Shop for higher Coins.

Coins Farming Guide
       Entering ambushes will also give you some Coins after winning the duel, but what node will
give the most Coins per battle?

     - Go to Chapter 24 and enter the duel node shown below.
     - This Ambush Node is very odd because you'll fight a newbie deck for an easy 200 Coins!

       With all the given options above, I believe this game will offer more methods or features to
gain more Coins in the future. Honestly, it's easier to get CP cards than Coin cards at the moment. XD

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