Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: 1-Card Hand Decks for Free Users

       This guide will show some possible or suggested 1-Card Hand Decks for beating the 1-Card Hand Duel Starts Challenge Rule in some duel nodes.

       Refer to the mini-walkthrough guide below to learn how to defeat this challenge rule. Note that this rule is the hardest rule in the Duel Stars Challenge so you might need a lot of luck specially if you are a non-Duel Points user.

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- 1-Card Hand Rule and Recommendations-

The 1-Card Hand Rule
     - Your hand can only hold 1 card.
     - Your aim is to create a deck with high Life Points to survive every round and to increase your
chances of winning.
     - Note: All decks below are built for non-DP users. More better cards will come in the future
so if you think a card is good for this kind of rule, go for it! experiment!.

The "Special Spells" Pack
       If the "Special Spells" Pack at the Shop (Deals Section) is still available, grab the chance to
get 3 Spell Cards including Just Desserts and Mirror Force!

Note: You start with 10 free DP, 24 DP by finishing the story line, 5 DP for finishing 8.1 Yugi
Expert Challenge and 20+ DP from the the Duel Stars Challenge. That is a total of 59 DP!
     - It is recommended to spend your DP for Spell cards because you can use them to any decks.

- 1-Card Hand Decks (Coins, CPs and Free Cards/DPs) -

       All cards below are free and can be obtained by finishing the story mode and treasure
nodes, by getting at least 500 Duel Stars, by completing objectives and through crafting/purchasing cards.

1-Card Hand Deck for Chapter 24
     - Total Life Points: 17,600 LP
     - 3x Suijin   (Spellcaster/Light - Coins)
     - 3x Ocubeam   (Fairy/Light - CP)
     - 2x Just Desserts   (Free from Story Mode/Special Spells Pack)
     - 1x Doma the Angel of Silence   (Fairy/Dark - 400 Duel Stars)
     - 1x Garoozis   (Beast Warrior/Fire - 175 Duel Stars)
     - 1x Air Eater   (Zombie/Wind - 425 Duel Stars)
     - 1x Leogun   (Beast Earth - 450 Duel Stars)
     - 1x Solemn Judgment   (Spellcaster/Light - Crafting)
     - 1x Nekogal #2   (Beast Warrior/Earth - Crafting)
     - 1x Blue-Eyes White Dragon   (Dragon/Light - 500 Duel Stars)

       To win this, you will need a lot of luck to draw Just Desserts on your first or second round.
If you did, just place your monster cards on the field and win using Just Dessert's special effect. Mirror Force is not necessary to give you more LP from monster cards.
     - Kill the boosters early on because they can still survive even if they have the feeble effect.
     - Place Suijin at the right most channel for better performance.

1-Card Hand Deck for Chapter 21
       Here, you'll be fighting a Plant-Immune deck. No worries, the deck above will do just fine.
     - You can also add some Cripple All effect or just use high attack monsters if you want.

1-Card Hand Deck for Chapter 17
     - Total Life Points: 14,300 LP
     - 3x Exile of the Wicked (Card Points)

       You will be fighting a Fiend/Zombie deck and the only real threat are those Fiends, so use
Exile of the Wicked cards. Ignore those zombies in their place for your Just Desserts.

1-Card Hand Deck for Chapter 16, 14, 8 and 5
     - Chapter 24 Deck works fine here too.

1-Card Hand Deck for Chapter 8.1 Expert Challenge
       This is the hardest 1-Card Hand challenge because you'll be up against a Heavy DP
Spellcaster-Drain/Last Stand deck with combos like Sneak-Drain!
     - You can't properly use permanent spells because of those Solemn Judgments!
     - You also need to survive 3 annoying Raigeki Spells!
     - To win this, you'll need a lot of luck and some helpful pointers. Refer below for sample deck.
     - Total Life Points: 13,200 LP
     - 3x Dragon Zombie   (Zombie/Dark - Free from Story Mode)
     - 2x Harpy Lady   (Winged Beast/Wind - CP)
     - 2x Trap Master   (Spellcaster/Dark - CP or Crafting)
     - 1x Nekogal #2   (Beast Warrior/Earth - Crafting)
     - 1x Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper   (Zombie/Dark - Free from Story Mode)
     - 1x Leogun   (Beast Earth - 450 Duel Stars)
     - 1x Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head   (Dragon/Wind - Free from Story Mode)
     - 1x Solemn Judgment   (Spellcaster/Light - Crafting)
     - 1x Air Eater   (Zombie/Wind - 425 Duel Stars)
     - 1x Cyber Soldier   (Machine/Dark - Crafting)
     - 1x Blue-Eyes White Dragon   (Dragon/Light - 500 Duel Stars)

     I didn't use Mirror Force because we will need more Life Points due to the low LP of Requiem
and Sneak cards.
     - The Nekogal #2 card is not ideal for this deck (Backfire) but we need it's high LP. Hope that
you will not draw this card in the early rounds.

Win Conditions
     - Survive 3 Raigeki Spells
     - Must destroy those Beastking of the Swamps cards before they can massively Power-up!
     - If you can put 1 or 2 high Power monster cards in the field after surviving those Raigekis,
you might be able to win the duel.
     - If you can do the Requiem Trick.

Possible Losing Scenario
     - If 1, 2 or 3 Beastking of the Swamps appears at 1st Round! They can finish you off quickly!
     - If at least 1 Beastking of the Swamps massively Powered-up!

Helpful Pointers and Strategies
     - Place Requiem cards at the left most channel to activate those Raigekis.
     - If your opponent placed a spell card at the center, put a monster card at the center to
activate that Raigeki spell, do it now than later.
     - Place Trap Master and Solemn Judgment at the left most channel to destroy Raigekis.
     - Those Beastkings are commonly placed at the right most channel so place your Sneak and
high power monsters in that place (including Solemn Judgment if it is the only card).

Requiem Trick
     - Use your Requiem cards and Air Eater to decrease all the monsters on the field specially
Dark Magician's Power, but do not destroy them. Try to bring it down to 500 Power or less.
     - If there is a Beastking on the field, destroy it!
     - If there are no Beastkings present and you were successful on decreasing all the monsters'
Power on the field including Dark Magician, do not place any cards in the field and just hit BAM!
Try to win by using Dark Magician's Backfire 1000 effect!
     - Best if you can do it with 2 Dark Magicians. Good luck!

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