Pockie Pirates: How to Discover and Use Skills

       To unlock this game feature, progress through the game until Chopper pops out to give you a simple tutorial on how to Discover Skills for your protagonist and crew members.

       Discovering skills will give your crew more fire power and advantage over your enemies. refer below to learn more.

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- Crew Skill Discovery Guide -

       You can gain new skillpoint with every 5 Reputation Level increase. The skill points are used
to enhance or discover a new skill for your crew member.

How to Discover New Skills
     - Open "Crew" panel and click "Discover" button on the "Skill" interface.
     - You character/s will randomly get a skill from their specific profession.
     - To reset a skill, you need to spend gold. All points spent on that slot will be added to your
remaining points.
     - To view all skills per profession, click the scroll like icon (upper right corner).

     - To check if you have more points to spend, check the "Remaining Points" below it.
     - If a crew member has a circling animation around his or her portrait, it means you have a
free skill point to use.

Using Skills in Combat
       In a crew versus crew action, skills are used automatically after reaching the required
conditions before his or her turn.
     - While in battle, move your mouse over your characters to view their current stats and more.
Refer to the sample character portrait above.

HP Bar (Red bar)
     - Red bar shows your character's current HP.

Fury (Blue bar)
     - Fury is used to unleash skills!, each skill requires a certain number of Fury.
     - Regenerates over time or after a turn while in battle.
     - Crew with available Fury and skill will have a shining aura around them.

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