Pockie Pirates: How to Enhance Weapons and Gears

       Enhancing gears will greatly affect your crew's specific attributes and thus increasing your battle ability. 

     To unlock the Enhance Gears interface, progress through the game until you will are given a chance to complete a series of tasks from "Blacksmith Bill". Complete the tasks and a tutorial will pop up guiding on how to enhance gears.

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- Gear Enhancement Guide -

How to Enhance Gears
     - Open your backpack and switch to the enhancement interface.
     - Select a crew from the list then select the gear to enhance.

     - Click "Enhance", requires an Enhancement Fee
     - The "Current Luck" percentage will weigh the success rate of the next enhancement.
     - If it fails, you will lose the enhancement fee.
     - You can also alter the current luck to "always 100%" by spending some Gold. I recommend 
you though to use only for high grade weapons and gears at higher levels.

     - Note: Gear enhancement level can't be higher than Protagonist level. To increase the limit,
level up your main character.
     - There will be cooldown time between enhancements, so you have to wait until the cool-
down is over and enhance again. You can still enhance an item multiple times until the cool-down timer becomes red.

Enhancements and Main Attributes
        Different gears have different "Main Attribute". Enhancement will only increase it's main
attribute. It is wise to prioritize and enhance weapons first then the main attribute of the character.

     - Hat: Main Attribute - HP
     - Cloak: Main Attribute - Magic Defense
     - Cloth: Main Attribute - Phisycal Defense
     - Weapons: Main Attribute - Physical Attack or Magical Attack
     - Shoes: Main Attribute - Speed
     - Ring: Main Attribute - varies per item (obtained only from Perfect Completion Flip Lottery)

Other Notes and Tips
     - Do not sell enhanced gears, equip them on your new crew members.
     - Higher grade gears will get higher enhance increase and higher level requirement.
     - You can get new weapons and gears from the Flip Lottery after completing progress maps.
     - You can also Purchase gears from the Mall by visiting Shop NPCs in the town.
     - Sometimes when enhancing, you can get a rare bonus stats like +2 Crit!

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