Pockie Ninja II Social - NGames' Online Game

Online Game: Pockie Ninja II Social
- Publisher: NGames
- Facebook Game Application

- Strategy / Anime Based / Ninja Based / Role Playing Game / Online Browser Based Social Game

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Pockie Ninja II Social - Facebook Game Description
       Pockie Ninja II Social is a browser-based, innovative tactic game. Based on the storyline of Naruto, the game combines village building and battling to create a brand new ninja world. Players can find 84 ninjas from Naruto, employ favorite ones to construct a fancy village, or send these ninjas to the battlefield and build a formidable ninja army.
       Pockie Ninja II Social is a sequel of the hugely popular inspired Massive Multiplayer Online, Pockie Ninja. Based in the story lines from the Naruto series, players of Pockie Ninja II Social can expect to encounter a variety of iconic anime characters, scenes and locations as they strive to create a brand new ninja world.        Launching exclusively on Facebook, Pockie Ninja II Social is set to bring the best elements of Pockie Ninja and a few new surprises directly to the social network scene!
Game Features
     - Beautiful graphics and adorable characters.
     - An anime tactical social game based on manga Naruto.
     - Village building and battling to create a new ninja world!
     - Recruit 84 ninjas and create your army of ninjas!
     - Friend Interactions: Invade, rescue and assist friends. ______________________________________________________________________
- Battle Play -
     - Here's a quick peek on Pockie Ninja II Social's tactical battle play.
       Pockie Ninja II Social adopts a turn-based battle system where players simply take
their turns to employ their battle tactics. Players may choose between auto-combat mode or manual while in combat.
Friends Interactions
     - Players can ask friends for assistance during battle. 
     - Players can invade friends in the game. 
     - Players being invaded can ask friends to fight against invaders.
Tax Collection 
     - Collect tax from occupied areas to increase your own income!


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