Armies of Magic - Playdom's Online Game

Online Game: Armies of Magic
- Publisher: Playdom
- Facebook Game Application
- Strategy Game / Role Playing Game / Online Browser Based Social Game

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- Gameplay -
Armies of Magic - Facebook Game Description
       Enter a world of high fantasy, where centuries of peace have been
shattered by a rising Goblin menace. Players will choose to lead the Humans,
Elves, or Dwarves by building a powerful city and training an army. Explore
the diverse and expansive world to battle evil, unravel mystery, and unite the
realm in this unique combination of city building and strategy.
     - Build, Upgrade and Research Technologies to fortify your capital and army.
     - Complete story line quests to gain various rewards.
     - Set up Raids or Skirmishes to battle other players, friends or guildmates!
     - Strengthen your defense to fend off unwanted invaders!
     - Start a fresh game and command other races by switching worlds!

- Battle Play -
       Build your army of Humans, Elves or Dwarfs and lead your Armies of Magic into real-time
tactical battles against the goblin hordes, the forces of darkness!

       The battle field is a single platform where 2 armies will clash to each other automatically until
a Hero is slain! The length of the battle field varies per mission.

       Each different race in the game has unique strengths and weaknesses that directly affect
their abilities! For instance, the Elves are the quickest and most proficient at magic, but are not able to withstand as much damage.

The Key to Winning: Mining Crystals!
       In order to deploy a unit, you need to collect crystals. Each unit has a crystal cost to deploy.
       Miners are used to collect crystals during the battle, and each crystal deposit will decrease
as it is mined. There are several different types of crystal deposits and each contains different amounts of crystals that can be harvested.
     - Miners are very fragile units, protect them at all costs!

The Touch Move Rule!
     - Warning! After deploying a unit successfully during battle, you can no longer cancel that
command! If you are unsure what to deploy next, just click on the pause button and re-think your strategy.

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