MapleStory Adventures: How to Buy and Sell Items, Gears or Equipments

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       You can now buy and sell Gears and Items at the Adventurer's Marketplace! If you have
something you don't want anymore (like a high level Gear that doesn't match your class), you can sell it in the Marketplace. First talk to Wang in your Home.
- How to Sell in the Marketplace -

Requirement: Pass or Permit
     - In order to place something for sale in the Marketplace, you will need to purchase a pass
 from Wang.

     - Basic Market: Market opens for 1 Day, 1 Available Slot with 20% Commission.
     - Basic Leaf Market: Market opens for 3 Days, 8 Available Slots with 10% Commission.
     - Premium Leaf Market: Market opens for 3 Days, 16 Available Slots with 7% Commission.

       Once you've purchase the pass, click on Wang again. You can now put Gears and Items up for sale. Just click on the item and set the quantity and price per unit.

     - Commission is the number of Gold taken by the game from the item you just sold.
     - Example: You were selling a gear for 10,000 Gold under Basic Market Pass, then someone
bought it. 20% Gold will be taken from your 10,000 Gold so your total profit is 8,000 Gold!

- How to Buy in the Marketplace -

       To check out what's for sale in the Marketplace, click on the the messageboard next to
Wang. This will open up the Marketplace search window.

Item Search

       You can search by different classes and levels for Gear. You can also sort by items that
your friends are selling by clicking the "Friend's item only" checkbox in the top right of the window.

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