KartRider Dash - Nexon Korea Corporation's Online Game

Online Game: KartRider Dash
- Publisher: Nexon Korea Corporation
- Facebook Game Application
- Action and Arcade / Racing / Online Browser Based Social Game

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- Gameplay -

KartRider Dash - Facebook Game Description
       Nexon's record-breaking online game “KartRider” is going social on Facebook!
       On your mark, get set, GOOO!!! The KartRider Dash is finally here! Start playing and
practice your racing skills by selecting the Quick Start option in Single Mode, or team up with your friends and battle other players in Buddy Mode.

     - Choose your favorite KartRider Dash character to play with.
     - Get yourself a new Kart body and engine from the Store and you'll be styling and profiling on
the race track!

Game Modes
     - Quick Start: Click on Quick Start to jump into the first available race.
     - Buddy Mode: Click on Buddy Mode to invite your friends to a real-time race.

- Battle Play -
       KartRider Dash is a racing game where the player or team who places first wins! But be
warned, there are no rules! every racer can use any attack or defend items from the mystery boxes that they come across. Plus, the treacherous tracks has dashed the dreams of many KartRiders!

     - Use the directional keys to control your Kart's movement.
     - CTRL keys to use items and SHIFT to drift.
     - Z key to change the order of your items while racing (requires a Slot Swapper item).
     - R key to reset your kart if you get turned around.

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