KartRider Dash Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info

       Here are some tips, tricks, game help and information for the game KartRider Dash - Nexon's
online browser based social game. Learn how to control your Kart early on to set a good pace for your racing career! Refer below to learn more.

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- Game Basics -

     - Each race requires 1 Fuel, and refuels over time. You cannot race if you are out of fuel!
     - After leveling up, all fuel slots will be refueled.
     - When you are about to level up, do not buy any fuels!
     - Update! NEW!
     - After the new patch, fuel is now unlimited forever!

Mystery Gifts
     - Invite your friends and send gifts to help them out.

Message Box or Mail Box
     - Check your box to receive gifts from your friends.

     - Click the Home Menu to view available quests. Complete each quest to gain Gold and XP.
     - It is best to claim quest rewards when you are out of fuel. Try to get a level up!
     - Unlock more quests by completing existing quests and by leveling up.

- The Keyboard Controls -

Directional Keys
     - [Up] key to speed up, [Down] key to brake, [Left] and [Right] keys to steer.
     - [W] key to speed up, [S] key to reduce speed, [A] and [D] keys to steer.
     - Releasing the [Up] or [W] key will also reduce your kart's speed.

Temporary Nitro:
     - Early boost trick! Quickly hit the [Up] or [W] key after the count "1" and just before the
word "START" appears in your screen.
     - Can be used after a drift by letting go of accelerate and tapping it again to recover speed.
     - Can also be used when you get attacked, to quickly recover from the delay. When you get
hit, release the acceleration key and press [Up] or [W] right before you land or when the effect wears off.

[Ctrl] or [>] Keys
     - Use usable items you currently have.
     - Items includes attack, defense, buffs and debuffs.
     - [Z] or [<] key to change the order of your items while racing (requires a Slot Swapper).
     - Slot Swapper item can be purchased from the store.
     - You can practice item using by selecting the "Other" menu.

Shift or [/]Keys
     - Use it to perform a Drift! Drifting is a technique that will allow you to quickly navigate
corners. Steer in the direction you want to go and press the Shift key to start drifting. Once you've made it through the turn, let go of Shift and steer in the opposite direction to regain control.

     - Drifting distance changes depending on when and how long you press the Shift key.
     - Drift while racing to fill up the Nitro Gauge. A full gauge will give you a Nitro item to use.
     - You can practice drifting by selecting the "Other" menu.
     - For more info on Drifting, go here: KartRider Dash: How to Drift

R Key
     - Resets your Kart's position to default if you get turned around or get stuck!
     - If you can't still control your Kart, probably because you got the Mr. Mischief debuff that
will switch your directional keys temporarily.

- Game Modes and Rules -

Game Modes
     - Quick Start: Click on Quick Start to jump into the first available race.
     - Buddy Mode: Click on Buddy Mode to invite your friends to a real-time race.

Single Player
     - Item Mode: Riders will be placed in the order they finish.
     - Speed Mode: Riders will be placed in the order they finish. Drift to get Nitro boosts!
     - Placing first place yields the best XP and Gold rewards!

Team Battle
     - Item Mode: The team of the rider who places first wins.
     - Speed Mode: Wins are determined by your team's total points, based on the placement of
each member. Drift to get Nitro boosts!
     - For starters, it is best to play in team battles to get higher win rates.
     - To determine your team's color, look at your profile pic's border color if it's red or blue.

     - After a race, you will be automatically taken into a new race after 10 seconds.
     - If you don't want to get into another race, click the "Leave" button.

- Store and Garage Items -

     - Items unlocks at certain levels.
     - To equip items to your Kart, go to your garage and view all available items.

     - Character and Kart Bodies are non-consumable and can be stored permanently in your
garage after purchasing, while Kart Engines, Items and Fuels are all consumable.

Kart Engines
     - Purchasing Kart Engines will give your Kart a huge boost on Acceleration, Maximum Speed
and Handling. When equipped (garage), one engine will be consumed per race. A practice engine will be placed when you are out of powerful engines.

     - Items that will automatically fend off specific attacks from your enemies.
     - Equip up to two Auto-Block items in your garage. The slots can be seen at the lower right
corner of your screen while racing.
     - Recommended Auto-Block items: Water Wisp, Spaceship and Mr Mischief.

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