Armies of Magic FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides List

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       Here is a complete list of all Armies of Magic tips, tricks and guides that players can find here at List might also include other posts related to the game like updates, F.A.Q.s, game fixes and more. Good luck playing your favorite online strategy RPG browser based social game!
- Basic Tips and Info -

Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info
     - Game Basics and Game Navigation
     - Building, Upgrading and Researching Guides.
Humans, Elves or Dwarves?
     - Choose Your Race to Fit Your Playing Style!

- General Guides -

Battle Strategies to Win Battles
     - Key and Steps to Winning: Miners and their Picks.
Challenge Mode Tips and Guide
     - Sample Walkthrough and Patterns

How to Defend Your Capital or City
     - Allocating Units to the Defense Army
     - The Peace Shrine

- FAQs -

How to Get More Silver or Money
     - Increase Your City's Growth Rate!
How to Get Mana and Life Crystals
     - Upgrade Buildings and Revive Fallen Allies!
How to Expand Boundaries

- Support Page -

Report Game Error, Glitch, Issue or Problem
     - Playdom's Support Page
     - Known Issues

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