Armies of Magic: How to Expand Boundaries

       To access the expand boundaries option, Go to the Build menu and click the Boundaries icon. Here you can see the next upgrade and the requirements for expanding your boundaries. Refer below to learn more about Armies and Magic's expansion feature.

- Expansion -

       Expanding your boundaries is really a big help for your city. It will give more space for your
buildings, thus also increases your city's overall growth rate! You won't even have to upgrade your Cultural or Residential buildings until later game.

     - Each upgrade requires a number of allies. Invite friends to unlock the next upgrade.
     - You will either need to spend silver or you can use gold to expand instead.

       After purchasing an expansion, your boundaries will expand automatically. A new lane of
spaces will be added at the bottom right and bottom left of your city.

Example Expansion: 12x12
     - 12 spaces will become available at the bottom right side of your city.
     - 12 spaces will become available at the bottom left side of your city.
     - A total of 23 spaces will be added to your city after the upgrade!

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