Cloudstone: How to Get Crafting Materials

       The crafting materials are one of the important items in Cloudstone - Playsaurus and Nexon's online Action RPG browser based social game. To be able to gain crafted items, you have to seek out NPCs that will give you contracts to complete. Learn more below.

- Contracts (R) -

How to Get or Unlock NPCs and Contracts
     - Get NPCs by completing quests as you go through the game. At higher levels, you will be
able to get higher NPCs that will give you contracts for better equipments!
     - Unlock more contracts by gaining more levels.
     - Unlock more contracts by participating in-game events.
     - Chain Contracts: completing a specific contract will unlock more contracts to complete!

How to Collect Crafting Materials
     - Specific crafting materials can be obtained from specific monsters.
     - Randomly obtained from treasure chests or epic treasure chests. Epic treasure chests are
commonly seen at the very end of every zone you are in.
     - After getting the loots from chests, crafting materials will have a green color text.

     - Aside from the item, claiming completed contracts yields more gold and XP.

Tips on Collecting Crafting Materials
     - You don't need to complete all contracts, just choose the item equipments that will
enhance the stats of your character. At early levels, just concentrate on leveling and start collecting crafting materials as you go through the game. It is also best to start claiming item equipments at higher levels or when you hit the level cap to see the best crafted items for your character.

     - Finding specific monsters is really hard and some will not drop what you are expecting!
The best way I found is to just normally play and let the crafting materials come to you by opening treasures anywhere. Concentrate on leveling than collecting, since you can still get any crafting material from treasure chests. Good luck!

     - A good farming zone for XP and treasure chests: Glaciella Island: Village Clearing
     - Only takes a very short time to complete with occasional Epic treasure chests.

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