Pockie Ninja: How to Unlock More Skill Slots

       Normally, players can only use up to 6 free skill slots, but with the new chapter patch released for the online browser game Pockie Ninja, players can now use items to open 4 more skill slots besides the 6 original ones.

Important Note:
     The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (PN II Upgrade). All Main Functions can still be found and are still working.

- Skill Slot Open Function -

The Rules
     - Skill slots requires a number of Kakashi's Notebook and will expire after the validity period.
     - When the next skill slot is opened, the previous one will exist forever and will never expire!
     - To open the succeeding skill slots, you have to open the preceding skill slots first.

1st Skill Slot
     - Requires 5 Kakashi's Notebook.
     - Validity Period: 10 Days

2nd Skill Slot
     - Requires 25 Kakashi's Notebook.
     - Validity Period: 20 Days

3rd Skill Slot
     - Requires 125 Kakashi's Notebook.
     - Validity Period: 30 Days

4th Skill Slot
     - Requires 300 Kakashi's Notebook.
     - Validity Period: Permanent after activation!

     Note: Skill placed in different skill slots will directly impact the release and effect of the skill!

- Kakashi's Notebook -
Where to Get Kakashi's Notebook?
     - Event Rewards
     - Pockie Ninja Mini-Games like Tsunade's Pub and other future side games.
     - Slot Machines
     - Sign-in Redemption
     - Bounty Quest
     - more!

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