Cloudstone Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info

       Here are some tips and tricks for the action role playing online browser game - Cloudstone. Refer here to learn Cloudstone's game features and basic to advanced game info. Choose your path and master the ways of the Warrior, Wizard or Monk!

- Game Basics -

       The game offers a simple walkthrough tutorial at the beginning of the game. Follow the
instructions given to familiarize yourself. Some quests will also trigger other tutorials to introduce the game's features. Refer below for sample quest icons. New quests will appear as you go through the game.
     - In case you get lost or something, just follow the yellow exclamation marks.
     - It will show you available islands or zones to enter, completed quests and more.
     - Red exclamation marks represents optional quests, zones, notifications and more.

     - Energy is what your character needs and uses when they take on quests and enter zones.
     - If your character doesn't have enough Energy to cover the Energy cost of a zone, they wont
be able to carry on and will need to rest up or eat something.

     - Energy gained over time: 10 min = 1 Energy; 5 hours = 30 Energy.
     - Ex Items: Boba or Dumplings (from Monster/Treasure Drop, Completing Quests and more).

Sending and Accepting Gifts!
     - Click on the Free Gifts tab to the left, just above your game screen.
     - If you can't load the page, simply refresh the page!

Recruiting Allies
     - Allies are friends who not only play Cloudstone, but can help you on quests that might be
too hard to complete on your own.

     - Click on the My Allies tab just above your game screen to see all your friends currently
playing Cloudstone.

- Equipment Stats -
Main Character Stats
     - Fury: benefits characters who take up Warrior Skills.
     - Sorcery: benefits characters who take up Wizard Skills.
     - Discipline: benefits characters who take up Monk Skills.

Support Stats
     - Armor: helps reduce the damage your character takes in combat
     - Health: increases your maximum life points.
     - Power: increases your maximum mana pool for casting spells or skills.

     - Move Speed: increases character's movement speed.
     - Attack Speed: increases your damage per second.
     - Critical Hit Rating: increases your chance to dish a critical hit!

Weapon Stats
     - Damage Rating: Simply examine the weapon's DPS (Damage per second). Higher is better.
     - Speed: Refer below for explanation.

Slow vs. Fast Weapons
     - Q) In terms of damage, which is better? A 25 DPS Slow Weapon or a 25 DPS Fast Weapon?
     - A) Same! because they have the same DPS!

     - Q) So how do they differ?
     - A) Through Power gained per hit over time! Note that in Cloudstone, your character gains
Power automatically when they attack Monsters and other objects. Therefore, faster weapons will gain more power over time than slower weapons!
     - Q) Monk's weapons can hit twice! Does that mean I can gain more power?
     - A) Yes! Monk's weapons can really get more power with their normal attacks. Most of
them are very fast in speed but you can't equip a shield though because they are all two-handed!

Bonus Stats After Leveling Up
     - Every after leveling up, you will get +1 Fury,Sorcery and Discipline!
     - Also a +10 Health bonus per level up!

- Character Classes and Skills -
       Note: Specific Character Skill Builds will be added in the Cloudstone guides list.

     - Champions of close quarters combat. Primary attribute: FURY.
     - If you want a character that can crash all enemies up close with high defense and health,
then you might like this class!

     - They use powerful range magics to defeat their enemies. Primary attribute: SORCERY.
     - If you want to smite enemy hordes with powerful spells from a far and use your wand or
staff into tricky cheesy stuff, then you might like this class!

     - They use heals and quick attacks to overcome their foes. Primary attribute: DISCIPLINE.
     - If you want to blow up your enemies up close with critical hits and heal support or strike
them from a far with lightning or tornados, then you might like this class!

Recommended Starter Skills
     - Warrior: Crushing Blow
     - Wizard: Firebat
     - Monk: Healbomb

Power Up
     - Use it every time to gain extra damage per hit. It will only cost you 1 Power!

- The Battle Ground -

Rejuvenation Plant
     - Replenishes your Health.
     - Do not use them when you have full Health! Save them up for tight situations.

Other Objects
     - Cut grasses, trees and other objects to replenish your power. Your character gains
Power automatically when they attack Monsters and other objects.

How to Conserve Power
     - By Hoarding Mobs!
     - Gather all enemies within an area and smash them with your Area of Effect skill!
     - It's a little bit tricky but practice and experience will make you a pro!

Hot Keys
     - Use [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] or [1, 2, 3, Q, W, E] on your keyboard.
     - To learn how to assign skills to your skill bar, refer to the FAQ section below.
     - Make sure you have a slot for your Potions for emergency use.
     - Potions or Jellies can be obtained from quests, treasures, friend gifts and more!

Summoning Friend
     - If you're struggling to complete a zone, or just like having some friendly company around,
you can summon Allies to help you out! Simply click on the circular button that appears below
your character's profile, then select the Ally you'd like to summon from your friend bar.

     - Summoned Friend will disappear after completing a zone or until he or she dies.
     - Can only summon 1 friend at a time.
     - There is a 2 hour cool down before you can summon him or her again.
     - Invite friends or go to Sky Haven's - "The Flying Pig" tavern and recruit high level players!

- F.A.Qs -

How to change the skills on my Action Bar?
     - Hover over the Action Slot you wish to change until a little arrow appears above it.
     - Click on the arrow to display all your Skills and Items available to use, then select the one
you want to bind to that spot.

How to move and use my AOE skills at the center of those group of trees?
     - Hold your left mouse button then move it to the center. Wait for your character to go to your
desired location then unleash your skill! Pretty useful for clearing trees and obstacles fast.

How to attack with my long range weapon without targeting?
     - Hold [Shift] then click your mouse to any direction you want.
     - Meanest way to attack because you can snipe off-screen monsters!
     - So don't be surprised when you see a warrior carrying a staff or wand! LOL!

How to Increase the Capacity of my Bag?
     - Go to your Inventory and click the bag at the upper left section of your game screen.

My Crit Chance went down after leveling?
     - Yes, Critical Chance diminishes every time you level up, it's not a bug.

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