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Online Game: Cloudstone
- By Playsaurus - Nexon Korea Corporation
- Facebook Game Application
- Action RPG / Online Browser Based Social Game

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- Gameplay -

Cloudstone - Facebook Game Description
       Get ready to fight monsters, customize your avatar, and explore the
vast worlds and floating islands of Cloudstone! 
       Magic, mayhem, monsters and mysteries, and above all: Clouds (literally!)
Join us in an adventure that will take you where only your imagination has dared
to go. High above us, there exist worlds within worlds, with perils and treasures
that await the adventurer in us all. Take your friends and join us in the world of
     - Choose your path and master the ways of Warrior, Wizard or Monk!
     - Summon your friends! Discover lush new land and fight epic monsters or maybe just chill
in the local tavern and show off your avatar and pets!

- Battle Play -
       Cloudstone is a hack and slash role playing online browser game. Player assumes the role of a Cloudstone hero from one of three different character classes.

     - Players fight monsters through wilderness areas and dungeons in order to level-up their
character, skill trees and gain better items.
     - The battle play is in real-time, and shown from an isometric viewpoint.

     - Players also have the option of summoning one of his or her friends, that will follow
or assist the player and attack enemies.

     - A powerful boss monster awaits the player at the end of each island!

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