Soul Crash: How to Win or Defeat Boss Fights Like Terri T

       When you are about to reach level 10, you are no longer allowed to fight other teams and move on to the next level until you have defeated the first boss battle! Refer below to learn how to defeat Boss fights like Terri T, Sobek the soul guardian of Mistral and Hanzo the merciless.

- Soul Crash Boss Fights! - 

Battle Strategy!
     - This is the most important key for defeating bosses in Soul Crash.
     - Bosses will have a smarter and stronger set of AI actions! They will counter your counters
and use tag when necessary!

     - It is better to be on defensive, wait for them to make a move then counter them using
counter or tag! Very useful when they are about to use their specific special attacks!
     - For more info, refer here: Soul Crash Tips, Tricks and Info

     - When fighting Bosses, use combo tags and try to push them to the wall (side of the game
screen). If you are lucky, you might be able to stuck them to the wall and use endless normal attacks to defeat them!
     - Combo Tags: Use Tag while your enemy is on air or thrown away from you.

     - I recommend attack and/or defense stats since Hit% and Evade% will have low trigger
chances at low levels. Unless you have a high damaging enchanted weapon or a team with good weapon damage output. Any stats will do though as long that you have a good battle strategy!

     - Try to buy the best weapon for your level and enchant them!
     - For enchanting guide, refer here: Enchantment In-Depth Guide

     - Recruit teammates with good gears! Aim for high leveled players or cash users.

       To clear the confusion, you will only get the center piece gear, not the whole gear!
     - Examples:
     - Terri T: Headgear only
     - Sobek: Cape only
     - Other Rewards: EXP, Gold Coins and Enchant Stones.
       The other boss gears will be unlocked and will become available in the shop (cash).

       If you have some tips or tricks, feel free to share them too in the comment section below.

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