Ninja Soul Tips, Tricks and Info

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       Here are some tips, tricks and info for Ninja Soul, an online Role Playing browser game.
Refer here to learn how to train your ninja to become one of the top ranking ninjas in the game. Any information here that is not included will be covered under specific guides.
- General Tips, Tricks and Info -

Daily Bonus
     - Claim to gain EXP, Copper Coins, Gold Coins or an Item.

Quest Mission Icons Above NPCs
     - Yellow Exclamation Mark: Available Quest or New Mission
     - Gray Scroll: Mission Accepted or "Doing Quest"
     - Pink Scroll: Quest Complete or Can Now Claim Mission Reward

     - Follow your main quests to learn the game basics.
     - Start playing the game by talking to the Village Head first.

Ninja Soul Quest Missions List
     - Daily Quest Guide: Refer here: Daily Quest Missions List and Guide
     - Trunk/Main Quest Guide: Refer here: Main Trunk Quest Missions List and Guide

       Get daily quests that you can complete. If possible, do it together with your main quests.

- Stats and Elements -
Ninja Soul Stats
       Stats are embedded inside weapons, gears or other game features and are added to your
character's stats while equipped.
     - Strong: increases Min/Max Attacks
     - Agility: increases Dodge Rate
     - Stamina: increases max HP
     - Energy: increases max MP
     - MinAtk: increases Minimum Attack
     - MaxAtk: increases Maximum Attack
     - Defense: increases Defense.

     - MaxHP: increases max HP
     - MaxMP: increases max MP
     - DodgeRate: increases Dodge Rate
     - Element: increases a particular element.

       Note that after learning your bloodlines, different stats will come like HitRate and more!

Ninja Soul Elements and Build
       Allocate points to your preferred element every after level up. For now, going pure element
is the ideal way to maximize your damage output. Any element is OK, just choose one.

     - Fire
     - Earth
     - Wind
     - Lightning
     - Water

       Buy Jutsus from the "Jutsu NPC" in the village. Check the level requirements too.

- Work and Labor -

       The Work and Labor is a game feature that will let you gain Copper or Chakra Stones!
To start, click the "WORK" NPC in your village.

     - Easy Work: Gain Copper Coins per hour.
     - Minimum 1 hour, Maximum 8 hours.
     - Can be done while offline.

     - Labor: Gain Chakra Stones
     - Minimum 1 hour, Maximum 8 hours.
     - Can be done while offline.

- Practice -

       Practice is a game feature that will let you gain EXP while online or offline. To activate this
feature. Go outside your village and click the "Practice" above your game screen.

Easy Practice
     - You need to be online to gain EXP.
     - Will cost you Copper and Chakra Stones.
     - Chakra Stones can be gained through Labor and some quests.
     - Need to complete at least 1 hour to gain EXP!
     - If you logged out from the game, the practice time will continue when you return.

Hard Practice
     - You can still get EXP even when offline, but you will need to buy Offline Tickets in the
shop (cash). Same concept above but the EXP gained will be bigger.

- F.A.Q. -

What are Stone Fragments?
     - Used to offer up in the village statue. Top 50 will get special rewards like Gold every week!
     - Dropped by all area enemies or monsters.
     - If you want to gain a rank, you really need to collect lots of this! One strategy, is to store
all your Stone Fragments then offer them all up after a week or so.

How to Create a Team?
     - For now, you can only create a team in the PVP Arena. Requires Lvl 25 and above.

What are Arena Medals and Arena Level?
     - Used as currency in the Arena Shop.
     - 1 Arena Medal = Requires 100 Arena EXP.
     - Arena Level 1 = Requires 70 Medals.
     - The only way to get medal is by doing single pvp, team pvp and world boss.
     - AP: resets at server time.

On What Level will I be able to Unlock Bloodline?
     - Level 20.

Where can I claim my AP Potions after Sharing Game Updates?
     - Game Update: Share then claim your AP potions in the Arena > Claim Reward.
     - You must be at least level 10 to enter the Arena.

- More Tips and Tricks - 

Item Shop NPC
     - Will have cheaper items than the items found in the "SHOP" icon below your game screen.
     - Some items can bought only in the "SHOP" icon. Check them both.

Refresh (F5) or Play Button
     - Will move you to the entrance of the current map you are in.
     - For spawning enemies again. This will greatly improve your experience gain over time.
     - Will automatically end or skip the current battle.

     - Use HP and MP potions before and after fighting new, higher leveled and boss enemies.
     - Try not to use MP potions for weak enemies to conserve MP potions and money.
     - Defeat BOSS enemies to gain lots of cool items!
     - If you can't defeat a particular enemy, just level up more or upgrade your gears!

     - If you are out of Copper or Potions, farm from lower leveled enemies!

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