Ninja Soul: Daily Quest Missions List and Guide

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       Ninja Soul daily quests can be accepted from the village's bulletin board. Refer to the
screenshot below for sample bulletin board location. Daily quests are repeatable quests that resets at server time. It is recommended to accept lower rank quests first.
- Daily Quests: All Levels -

Friends of the Gift
     - Take Roses/Sushi/Ramen/Ninja-Headband to Kana - Maple Village.
     - Simply ask your friends to gift you the required item.

Learn Mutually
     - Must be at least level 10.
     - Click the Arena NPC in the village and choose "Go PVP Map"
     - Click the Arena NPC inside the PVP map and choose "Arena".
     - Successfully join the Arena (tournament). You can join between 8:00 to 20:00.
     - You can only join if the Arena (tournament) has not started yet.
     - You can no longer join if the Assigned players reached the Limitation.

Gold Rewards NEW!
     - For cash users. More bonus Golds when you purchase Golds!

- Daily Quests: Lvl 1 to 10 -

Find the Ball
     - Location: Path - (middle area)

Collecting Mushrooms
     - Location: Path - (middle area)

Kill Exile Fighter
     - Location: Path or Sugarbush - Defeat 15 Exile Fighters.

Kill Exiled Ninja Captain
     - Location: Sugarbush - Defeat 10 Exiled Ninja Captain.

Challenge the Leader of Exile Samurai
     - Location: Sugarbush - Defeat Exile Warrior Leader.

- Daily Quests: Lvl 11 to 20 -

Find the Necklace
     - Location: Sugarbush - Necklace hanged in a tree (middle-left area).

Find the Sachet
     - Location: Sugarbush - Fragrant sachet (lower-right area).

Kill Exiled Perception Ninja
     - Location: Water Pond - Defeat 20 Exiled Perception Ninja.

Kill Exile Assassin
     - Location: Water Pond - Defeat 15 Exile Assassin.

Kill the Perception of Ninja Captain
     - Location: Water Pond or Trestle - Defeat 10 Exiled Perception Ninja Captain.

The Assassin Killed Captain Exile
     - Location: Trestle - Defeat 20 Exiled Assassin Captain.

Kill the Fighter
     - Location: Trestle - Defeat 10 Warrior.

Challenge One Can Surgery Division
     - Location: Trestle - Defeat Hyakki Warlock Leader.

- Daily Quests: Lvl 21 to 30 -

Acquisition of Reed
     - Location: Water Pond - Moving dense Reed (upper-left area).

Find Kate
     - Location: Trestle - A red dog like animal (upper-right area).

Kill the Beast Warrior
     - Location: Thorn Bamboo Grove - Defeat 30 Beast Warrior.

Kill the Controlling Beast Warrior
     - Location: Thorn Bamboo Grove - Defeat 20 Controlling Beast Warrior.

Kill the Beast by Person
     - Location: Thorn Bamboo Grove - Defeat 10 S-Beast Warrior

Kill the Forbidden Arts Division (B)
     - Location: Firm Bamboo Grove - Defeat 20 Warlock.

Kill the Forbidden Arts Division (A)
     - Location: Firm Bamboo Grove - Defeat 20 Warlock Captain.

- Daily Quests: Lvl 31 to 40 -

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