Ninja Soul - Ninja Soul's Online Game

Online Game: Ninja Soul
- By Ninja Soul
- Facebook Game Application
- Role Playing Game / Ninja Based / Online Browser Based Social Game

       Refer below to learn more about Ninja Soul's Gameplay and Battle Play Features.
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- Gameplay -

       Ninja Soul is a Role Playing Online Game. You will start as a newbie Genin in a small village
called Maple Village, who wants to become a full fledged ninja! The Village Head will test and help you become one by completing a series of quest missions around and outside the village.

     - Discover game features like PVP, Arena, Rankings and more!
     - Complete quest missions and discover more areas that will challenge your fighting skills!

Sample Ninja Soul Character Screenshot
       The above screenshot is a sample character profile with her stats, gears and element of
choice. You can freely see and check other player's profile around the village.
     - Fully customize your character with lots of weapons, gears and fashion items!


- Battle Play -

       Just like a normal RPG game, you can freely walk through the wilderness outside your village
and encounter enemies along the way. Encountering them will trigger a fight with no escape!

       Ninja Soul has an automatic battle system. You don't need to trigger any command or skill
to activate them. The game will randomly choose a Jutsu skill  from your equipped skill pool and use it according to it's trigger chances.

     - Learn more powerful jutsus as you progress through the game.
     - Master the ways of forging and bloodline learning to increase your strengths!


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