MapleStory Adventures: Thief Job Class Character Build

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       Here's a simple guide for MapleStory Adventures Thief job class. Learn the pros
and cons to find if it will fit your gaming style! The magicians are masters of the mystic arts use spells to attack from a distance.
- Thief Job Class -

       Refer to the screenshot above, thief job class: 5th character from the left.

     - Above average Critical output.
     - Thieves are flexible because they can attack at close range or from a distance!
     - Ranged Attacks - some skills will give you range attacks.

     - Can Snipe: Look for a place that you can snipe monsters without getting any damages.
Use skills that has range attacks. First you have to kill all monsters in the area except for that particular sniping place. Your aim is to spawn all possible monsters in that sniping place. After that, go to your post and snipe them all!

     - Can do Hit and Runs: Attack > Click "X Stop!" > Run > Attack. Just time it well.
     - Hit and runs are effective when using long ranged attacks.

     - Average Attack Power.
     - Shields - Can't equip shields, thus less power and dodge! (might change in the future).

     - Long Coats - Long Coats: Thieves doesn't wear long coats! (might change in the future).


- General Skill Building -

       MapleStory Adventures has a friendly skill set and requirements. As long that you have
the required number of skill permits and coins, you can maximize all skills! Here are some tips.

     - Skill groups: 1 vs 1 skills (hits 1 enemy) and Area of Effect skills (hits multiple enemies).
     - Choose and concentrate on one skill for 1 on 1 and one for area of effect.

     - Higher leveled skills have better damage percentage output.
     - When you have unlocked a new skill, try to learn and maximize it according to your level.
Most of the time, a new level 1 or 2 skill will have better damage percentage output than a maximized lower leveled skill under similar skill group.

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