EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars Tips, Tricks and Info

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              Here are some tips and tricks that you can learn to further enhance your EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars gameplay experience. Refer here to learn the basics, advanced game features and battle concepts of EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars: Real football & soccer!
- The Gift System -

Gifting System Explained
     - Send daily mystery gifts to your friends! Gift could be free coins, match credits or a transfer.
     - Along with the mystery gift, your friends or you can also send Match Credits or Supporters!
     - To clear the confusion about the gift system -- not working, here is a simple explanation.

     - Note that managers (you or your friends) can only send one type of gift per day per friend.
     - Either a Mystery Gift, Match Credits or Supporters.
     - The first gift sent or accepted (supporters) will count and the rest will be ignored by the game.

Example Scenario:
     - Player A sends a mystery gift to Player B.
     - Player B accepts the mystery gift from Player A.
     - Player B sends a request "Need Supporters" to Player A.
     - Player A will not receive the request from Player B (request ignored by the game).

     - You need to wait for the server time to reset (24 hours) to be able to send/receive gifts again.

How to Detect Server Time
     - You are getting lots of requests or the "Get more" button above your match credits pops up.
     - Go to Social Leagues > Friendly Matches. If you can challenge your friends again, then the
server passed it's server reset time.

How to Check Game Requests
     - Refer to the pic above. Locate and click the button in your game screen.

- Match Credits -

Match Credits
     - Every game match requires 1 match credit. So the more you have, the better.
     - Friendly Matches in the Social Leagues doesn't require match credits.
How to Get Match Credits
     - Refer here for more info: EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars: How to Get Match Credits

- Quick Tips -

     - "Like" the game! To get more Match Credits per hour!
     - Winning matches really requires a bit of luck!

How to Edit Team Name and Crest
     - Simply click on your team crest to edit and choose your preferences.

Team Rating
     - Rating: Your overall rating. A combination of training and talent.

     - Training: Keep it to 100. Training level decreases every time you lose a game.
     - At the Training window, Stretching is free but more advanced training will cost you coins
and produce better results.
     - To successfully claim training points, you must be online when the training time expires.

     - Talent: Average Talent of starting players.

Managing Your Teams
     - Best Players: Click this button to let the game automatically choose the best players per
position for you. Use this every time you get new transfers.

     - Formation: Choose you team formation here. More formations will become available
after reaching certain levels.

Best Players, Formation and Rating/Talent Tip
     - To get the best formation and players, check all available formations you have and click
on the "Best Player". Choose the formation with the highest Rating or Talent.
     - To use this effectively, refrain from selling all players. Store at least 2 Strikers, 3 Midfielders,
3 Defenders and 1 Goalkeeper for flexibility.

Team Mentality
     - Click and Drag the yellow arrow to set how your players will play.
     - Tip: If you have 2 or more goals than your opponent after half time, you might want to set
your team's mentality to Defense or Neutral before finishing the game to ensure your win.

- Transfers (Players) -

     - To get more skilled players, unlock Transfers at the Store as soon as possible!

     - At Lvl 5: Claim Free Gold Transfers, Hot Deals and Newsletters
     - Can now buy Silver Transfers! Silver Transfers: 25,000 Coins

     - At Lvl 10: Can now buy Gold Transfers! Gold Transfers: 65,000 coins.

     - At Lvl 15: Can now buy Gold Plus Transfers! Gold Plus Transfers: 250,000 Coins.

     - Sell unwanted Bronze and Silver players if you need more coins to buy transfers.
     - Join the npower Championship at early game to boost up your level.
     - Concentrate on multiple leagues! battle teams that you think you can win.
     - Click the "?" to view all rewards in a particular league. league rewards will be claimed after
finishing the whole league! Aim for better players or transfers.

     - Get Supporters from your friends by clicking the "Get" button in game. Each friend accept
will net you 25,000 supporters. Supporters per league are independent to each other.
More Tips
     - After 24 hours from your first gameplay, you will be able to claim 5 Silver Transfers.

     - Log in everyday and scout potential players! (Automatically pops on your screen).
     - Click on "Continue Scouting" to get higher rating players! NEW!
     - At the end of the scout week, you might be able to get a 90+ Gold/Elite Player! NEW!

     - At early game, if you have a good number of active friends, ask for gifts and get a chance
to have a Gold or higher rated Transfers! This will boost your team dramatically!

     - Get a good Goalkeeper as soon as possible. He can save you a lot of goal attempts!
     - At the Trade Window, DO NOT put a check mark on the check boxes! Specially to
your precious players.
     - This will make your players vulnerable to unwanted trades! You might lose them forever!
     - Only use the trade section for trusted trades.

     - At the Stadium Upgrades, just buy the Grandstand if you want to increase the rewards from
matches. Purchasing Luxury or Standard Seating will not increase the bonus from Grandstand.