EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars: How to Get Match Credits

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       Match Credits acts like a "game energy". The more match credits you have, the more gameplay experience you will get! Here are some methods you can use to get more Match Credits! Good luck playing your favorite online browser game on Facebook!
- Match Credits -

Match Credits
     - Every game match requires 1 match credit. So the more you have, the better.
     - Friendly Matches in the Social Leagues doesn't require match credits.
How to Get Match Credits
     - "Like" EA Sports FIFA Superstars to get more match credits!
     - This will reduce the countdown clock from 1 match credit every 6 hours to 1 match credit
every 4 hours! Countdown match credits can still be claimed even when you're not logged in.

     - Asking Friends for Help. Click on the "Get more" button to publish a feed to your Facebook
wall. Ask your friends to click your game feed to get free match credits! Refer to the pic below.
     - Alternatively, when you have 0 match credits, you can also click on "Play" in any league
window to open the request window. Up to 3 Match Credits per day only.

     - Claim from Feeds!
     - Check EA Sports FIFA Superstars' Facebook Page feeds for free match credits.
     - Look for shared feeds in your wall. Some feeds will give you free match credits!

     - Winning Friendly Matches. Go to Social Leagues > Friendly Matches.
     - Up to 3 Match Credits per day only.
     - Challenge your friends and win coins, XP and a random Match credit.
     - Some Leagues will also give free Match Credits as you progress through the Leagues.

     - Achievements. Some achievements will give out match credits! Just play the game.

     - Level Up! Level up to get more.

     - Shootout Practice. Score from the spot to win a Match Credit.
     - Go to Store > Match Credits Tab > Shootout Practice. (Once per day)
     - For more info refer here: EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars: How to Win Penalty Shootouts

     - Receiving Daily Gifts from Friends (Mystery gifts or direct match credits gifts).
     - Mystery Gifts will give you a random gift (Coins, Match Credits or a World Class Player).

     - Using Superstars Cash (Purchasing Match Credits with real money).
     - Go to Store > Match Credits Tab to purchase with your Superstars Cash.
     - If you are a solid cash user, purchase "offers" to get more bonuses.

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