Pockie Ninja: What is a BMV? Basic Modifier Value

       A BMV (Basic Modifier Value) is a hidden value that can be seen by putting your mouse pointer over the stats Great Strength, Agility and Stamina in your character stats window. Each outfit will have a set of BMVs that will greatly affect the character's output stats. Learn more below.

Important Note:
     The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (PN II Upgrade). All Main Functions can still be found and are still working.

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- BMV (Stats Effect) -

       To fully understand the concept of BMVs or Stat Effects, here is a simple explanation.

Checking the BMVs of Outfits
     - For this guide, we will use Ggio Vega as our outfit.
     - Click your character outfit to open the character attribute interface.
     - Put your mouse over the stats to reveal Ggio Vega's BMVs.
     - Refer to the screen shots below.
     - Ggio Vega's BMVs are: 17-10-14

How BMV Works
     - For every 17 Great Strength, you will get +1% to Attack and +1 to Block.
     - For every 10 Agility, you will get +1% to Speed and +1 to Dodge.
     - For every 14 Stamina, you will get +1% to HP and +1% to Chakra.

     - Based on the descriptions above, the lower your outfit's BMVs-- The Better!

     - If Ggio Vega will have a total Agility stats of 100, 100 divided by 10 is equal to 10.
     - Ggio Vega will now gain +10% to Speed and +10 to Dodge!

      Based on the example above, if you want to focus on a particular secondary stat like attack, block, speed, dodge, HP or Chakra,  you can further increase that preferred stat by adding up it's main stat like Great Strength, Agility or Stamina.

     - Your aim is a high stat Dodge.
     - Get a character outfit with low Agility BMV. Your choice.
     - Concentrating on +Dodge Gears is a good idea since they can give you high numbers.
But if you add Agility stats in your gears, your Gears will give you more Dodge!

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