EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars: Pro, National and Social Leagues Guide

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       Play a full League and compete against friends with the leaderboard! Win Coins, Match
Credits and Elite Players by ranking up your total points and meeting the top rewards per league. Wins, Draws and Losses - Click the "Play" button to find out!
- How To Play -

     - As you go through the league, you will eventually hit a dead end due to insufficient supporters.
     - To get more Supporters, click on the "Get" button in your game  screen.
     - Ask Supporters from your friends to unlock more matches in your current league.
     - Each friend accept will net you 25,000 supporters.
     - Supporters from leagues will never reset, so you can now repeat leagues without worries.
Points from Games Played
     - Win = 3 points
     - Draw = 1 point
     - Loss = 0 points

     - Points will determine what rewards you will get after finishing the whole league.
     - Refer to the rewards information below.
     - You can see how many points you have at the leaderboard section in your game screen.

Buy Transfers
     - Buy, collect, or trade players to increase your chances of winning.

- Pro and National Leagues -
npower Championship Pro League
     - Unlocks at the tutorial.
     - Earn a reward every 6 games.
npower Championship Pro League Rewards
Example Scenario:
     - After completing a full npower Championship League, I earned a total score of 120 points.
     - According to the chart above, the reward that I can get is = "Gold Transfers!"

     - Gold Plus Transfers = must win all matches! (48 teams x 3 points = 144)
     - Gold Transfers =  at least 40 wins and 1 draw.
Major League Soccer Pro League
     - Unlocks at level 5
     - Earn a reward every 5 games.
Major League Soccer Pro League Rewards
     - Single MLS Player, Elite Transfers = must win all matches! (36 teams x 3 points = 108)
     - Gold Plus Transfers, Single MLS Player = at least 33 wins and 1 draw.
Barclays Premier League Pro League
La Liga Pro League
Serie A Pro League
     - All three leagues unlocks at level 8
     - Earn a reward every 5 games.
     - Applies to all 3 leagues above but Serie A Pro League has a lower Coins Rewards.

     - Elite Transfers x2 = must win all matches! (40 teams x 3 points = 120)
     - Elite Transfers = at least 36 wins and 2 draws.
     - Gold Plus Transfers = at least 33 wins and 1 draw.

- Social Leagues -
Friendly Matches
     - Play with your friends and get a chance to get up to three Match Credits.

Friends Super League
     - Select League Size:
     - 6 = Up to 65,000 Coins
     - 8 = Up to 75,000 Coins
     - 10 = Up to 100,000 Coins

     - Better performance in the leagues means better rewards.
     - The better the players in your league the bigger the rewards.

Superstars League
     - Play with your friends to increase your rank title and fame!

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