EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars - Electronic Arts' Online Game

Online Game:
- Publisher: Electronic Arts
- Facebook Game Application
- Sports / Virtual World-Simulation / Online Browser Based Social Game

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- Gameplay -

EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars Facebook Game Description
       Real players. Real soccer. Manage your own team and beat your friends'
squads, challenge the world's biggest clubs and guide your Superstars to glory!
       Choose your preferences from team name and crest up to the best players and formations
that you can get for your club. Add players, trade with friends and train to make your club the best money can buy.

       Manage your own elite team of the world's best soccer players. Compete against your
friends and grab first place in the leaderboards. Challenge the best clubs and leagues in the world to gain glory, fame and bragging rights! Play on!
     - Join the Pro or National Leagues to gain coins, match credits and transfers.
     - Sign up in the Social Leagues and compete against your friends.
     - Enter the Match Predictor to challenge yourself. Predict the outcome of real world matches
to win tokens which you can then trade in for amazing prizes!

- Battle Play -

       EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars is a sports and simulation online browser game. All matches are
automatically initiated and simulated by the game for you.

       Player and team stats will become available for you to review before the match, after half
time and at the end of the match. Use the information and decide your team's mentality, formations, players and more to gain the advantage!
Match Results
     - Team Ratings: can greatly affect match results. Be aware of your opponent's ratings too.
     - Training: always maintain your training points to 100.
     - Talents: can boost up team ratings. Always place best players in their best positions.
     - Luck! Yes, luck can really stir up things!

Match Results (Experimental)
     - Team Mentality: set your team's mentality.
     - Formation: experiment and choose the formation with the highest team rating or talent.

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