EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars: How to Win Penalty Shootouts

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       Penalty Shootouts will determine the winner of the game. Be warned though because you
are only given a 50-50 one shot to victory chance! so always make it count! A tutorial will pop out when you enter any penalty shootout. Follow the tutorial to learn the work arounds.
- Penalty Shootout -

     - Penalty Shootouts will be called when you and your opponent tied in a match.
     - Some Leagues will treat draw matches as points, so penalty shootouts will not be initiated.
     - Friendly Matches in the Social League in the other hand, follows penalty shootouts.

     - Shootout Practice: Score from the spot to win a Match Credit.
     - Go to Store > Match Credits Tab > Shootout Practice.
     - Choose a Striker or a Midfielder that has the highest shooting value as your shooter.
     - Drag the portrait of your shooter or simply double click on it to place him in the slot.

- Sample Strike Points -

     - Here are some screen shots that you might want to refer on.
     - After the tutorial, you will no longer see the direction of your strike point.
     - Check out the blue circles and take note of the length or the side of the orange area to the
ball's shadow. Then adjust them to your game screen.
     - The outcome depends to your Striker's Shooting value, your accuracy and luck.
     - Just come back here if you don't have any idea where to place your strike points!

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