Zombie Misfits Skills: Weapons, Contraptions and Mods

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        Experience Points are used to unlock weapons, contraptions and mods. You will get a free
weapon or contraption after unlocking some weapons or contraptions. On the other hand,
unlocking Mods will only unlock purchasable Mods in the Store.
- Experience Points -

     - XP Points can be gained by completing battles, goals and more. Gaining experience will
increase your player level and skills. Weapons, Mods and Contraptions are now unlocked according to a progression sequence as player level increases. Check the store for purchasable items.

- Zombie Misfits Skills -

     - Increasing this allows you to use advanced weapons.Weapons varies from attacking
zombies to supporting defenders.
     - Consumable: depends on the number of uses per weapon.
     - Your Lvl 1 Slingshot has an unlimited use!

How to use Weapons
     - Equip your weapons at the preparation page before the battle. Click on Swap if you want
to equip other weapons from your inventory.
     - Click on the weapon icon and click on the zombies you want to attack or defenders you
want to support. Weapons needs to cool down before and after using them.

     - Buy more weapons in the store to use your favorite weapons!

     - Contraption crafting becomes available at level 9. NEW!     - Increase this skill to unlock blueprints to craft more advanced defenses.
     - Contraptions can either attack or repel zombies. Some can also support Defenders.
     - Consumable: Once per battle per contraption used.

How to use Contraptions
     - Works like placing defenders. Click on available Guard Point and choose a Contraption.
     - Contraptions doesn't require energy but can only remain active for a limited amount of time.
     - Contraptions can either be obtained by crafting or having them gifted to you by a friend.
     - Click on the Craft Icon to craft more contraptions!
     - Materials can be gathered from zombies, friends gifts, goals and more.

     - Access to mods becomes available at level 4. NEW!     - Increase this to unlock access to new Mods in the store.
     - Mods are items that can be attached to weapons and defenders to give them different
effects, and generally make them even more powerful!

     - Non-consumable: You can attach or detach mods from weapons or defender slots.

How to use Mods
     - Refer here for more info about Mods: Zombie Misfits: How to Use Mods on Defenders

- Tips and Tricks -

       At early game, follow your goals and put skill points according to what is asked to get
rewards like cupcakes! Next, upgrade your Mods skill to unlock some Mods for your

     - Trooper and Biker will be your first aim.
     - Earn Coins and buy Mods in the store for your Trooper and Biker.
     - Now start collecting cupcakes and open some of your defender's skill slots.
     - This way, you can get an early passive boost!

       At later game, put some points on weapon and contraption skills if things get harder.
otherwise, save up your skill points and focus on your Defender's Mods.

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