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       Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to further enhance your Zombie Misfits
gameplay experience. Refer here to learn the basics, advanced game features and battle concepts of Zombie Misfits!
- The Aim of the Game -

       Welcome to Zombie Misfits! Your job is to protect survivors from the zombie onslaught. To do this, you'll need to place defenders on the map and they will kill zombies for you.

The Survivor Hideout
       In order to complete your goals, you must protect all survivor hideouts. Each zombie that reaches the hideout will consume 1 brain and Boss zombies will consume 3 brains! Lose all survivors and you lose the level!
Brain Counter (right: 9 survivors)
     - Shows you how many survivors are still alive in the survivor hideout.

Zombie Energy (left: 10 zombie energies)
     - Collect zombie energy from zombies to place more Defenders. Remember, you'll need to
collect at least 15 zombie energy in order to place another Defender. And the more Defenders you got, the better the odds your Survivors have of surviving the zombie onslaught!

Score (center: 250 points)
     - You current score. Get high scores to gain bragging rights. 

- Defenders -

       Defenders can help you destroy zombie hordes with their own unique abilities. You can
get a Trooper ( a long range defender) and a Biker (short range defender) early game. Learn
their abilities to effectively use them in the battle.

Guards Points
     - Locations where you can place your defenses. Click on them to place another defender.
     - You can also see your defender's attack range by placing your mouse pointer over them.
     - Recommended: place your defenders where they can effectively attack.

Green Bars above Defender's Head
     - Health: They get stunned when this bar becomes empty.
     - After getting stunned, they will recover their health again.
Yellow Bars above Defender's Head
     - Charge Meter: you can activate their charge attacks when this bar is full!
     - They will do a fury stance signaling you an available charge attack. Click on them to
activate their unique charge attacks!
     - Recommended: Wait and use when hordes or tough zombies comes in your way.
     - Warning: Charge attacks will disappear when they get stunned!

Unlocking Defenders
     - You can unlock more Defenders by completing story line missions.

Modifying and Upgrading Defenders
     - Refer here for more info: Zombie Misfits: How to Use Mods on Defenders

- Zombies -
       Zombies varies per level or stage and all of them will try to concur your hideout with
their unique abilities. Example zombies abilities are:
     - Walking zombies with different toughness.
     - Runners that only targets hideouts.
     - Fliers like bats and more.
     - Zombies that breaks paths with devastating powers.
     - more tricky zombies will come as you go through the game.

       Defending your hideouts can be a little tricky if things go hasty. It is recommended to
familiarize yourself to easily fend off all zombies in the area.

Zombie's Path
     - Zombies will travel on the shortest path possible to get to your survivors.
     - They can also cut through the area by destroying paths, doorways, tunnels and more.

- Zombie Misfits Quick Tips -

     - Daily Spin or Spin Wheel - Get one free spin everyday!
     - Complete Daily Goals for more XP, Coins and Cupcakes! (Icon is above Daily Spin).
     - Send Gifts and Help to your friends to receive rewards from goals or friends too!

Goals and Daily Goals
     - Follow them as your game walk through. If you can't complete a Goal, just ignore them
and move on. Daily Goals are your main tasks. Finish as many as possible!
     - Get rewards like cupcakes, weapons, contraptions and more!

Cup Cakes!
     - This is what you need to collect if you want to boost up your defenders!
     - You can get more from zombies or by completing goals or daily goals.
     - Only upgrade your mod slots if you have something to put into your slots.

     - Before Going to battle, make sure you have equipped all available defenders,
contraptions and weapons.
     - Weapons and Contraptions can only be used once per battle!
     - Your basic Sling shot will never expire though! Put a Mod as soon as possible!
     - Learn the skills, range,damage.attack speed of your defenders! NEW!

     - At the map, You can click and drag on the map to move up, down, left and right.
     - To Pause the game while in battle, click on the settings icon next to your weapons icon.

     - Once you have unlocked a new zone or place, go there directly and unlock new defenders.
This will drastically boost up your defense output. Now, go back to the early levels or zones
and get better results!

     - Whenever you advance to a new player level, you get skill points. Assign skill points to
unlock new Weapons, Contraptions and Mods. Note that assigning skills at the Mod will not gain you any
item. You still need to buy them at the store.
     - Loading screen taking up forever? Refresh your browser!

- Modes and Levels -

       Each map level has it's own set of Modes and Challenges. You'll earn stars each time you complete one of them, depending on how well you do. Earn enough stars and you'll unlock advanced difficulties and challenges!

Story Mode
     - Defeat all zombies to win the level.
     - Complete to unlock more defenders.

Survival Mode
     - Stand your ground against heavy zombie hordes! See how long you can last!

Challenge Mode
     - Defeat all zombies with the given restrictions or handicaps to win the level.

Update on Game Modes: NEW!
       XP and Coin reward rates at the end of battles have been adjusted and are no longer tied to score but are instead associated with the Star rating achieved in the battle. In general, harder modes and later maps will award greater amounts of XP and Coin at some set rate per Map/Mode/Difficulty. XP rewards are greatest in survival modes.______________________________________________________________________

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