Ravenskye City Tips, Tricks and Info

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       Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to further enhance your Ravenskye City
gameplay experience. Enjoy another beautiful virtual world/simulation browser game from
Lolapps. Explore and restore a lost city in the skies of Raven World!
- Basic Materials -

     - Completing and restoring buildings like base camps requires resources or materials.
     - From Vines: Woods, Canvas, Coil of Rope and other quest related items.
     - From Rocks: Rocks, Box of Nails and Levonium Mortar and other quest related items.

     - Coins: Collect from Buildings,by finishing quests, defeating monsters and more.

     - Awakening Stones: Harvest them by planting awakening stone bushes in your farmlands.
     - Awakening Stones are used for reviving ruined totems.

     - From Friends: Gustone, Purifed Snagvine Root, Gems and more. You can also ask any
items from your friends when you are short on materials.

     - Collect Daily Log in Bonus. Resets at server time.

- Accepting and Completing Quests -

     - Quests serves as your game walkthrough. Complete them to learn the game's mechanics.
     - When visitors have an "!" over their heads, they have a quest for you to do.
Alternatively, you can click on the portraits in the left side of your game screen to start the quest.
     - To easily complete quests, read some tips about the quest, below the quest information.
     - Click the "Show me" button next to your quests to automatically lead you to the NPC.
     - Click the "?" over NPCs to turn in quests and receive your rewards.

- Energy -

     - The more energy you can get, the better.
     - Your energy bar replenishes over time or every after level up.

     - Gifting: Send Energy items to your friends to receive energy from your friends!
     - To send gifts, click the "Free Gifts!" tab above your game screen.
     - Received gifts can be accessed through your storage.
     - Your friends can only accept up to 5 requests per friend. NEW!

     - Visit your neighbors and spend up to 5 free energies per visit to gain materials and
energy. Resets at server time.
     - To add more neighbors, click the "My Neighbors" tab above your game screen.

     - You can also receive 1 random energy from harvesting or collecting materials.

     - For cash users, you can buy energy at the Skye Shop under Special > Energy Tab.

     - More neighbors means more energy!
     - Refer here for more info: How to Add Friends

- Powers -
     - Powers are powerful tools that can help you clear out vines or rocks.
     - Claim free powers by completing certain quests.
     - You can also get random power-ups by clearing out vines or rocks in your city! NEW!
     - Only use Powers when you have enough energy, at least 10 energy.

- Game Interface Tools -

     - To adjust the game to your liking, the game offers some helpful tools you can use.
     - Click the default blue arrow to access more options.
     - Stash Icon: If you want to store game items or buildings in your storage.
     - Sell Icon: Sell to gain coins.
     - Move Icon: Very useful tool for moving newly built buildings or revived totems closer to
each other. This will save you lots of time moving around. example: Farmlands
     - Rotate Icon: Rotate game items and buildings to fit your taste.

     - Cancel Button: After planting crops, placing decorations, stashing, selling, moving or
rotating game items, click on this Icon to return your active cursor to default.


- Character Level and City Rank -
     - City Rank is similar to your character level.
     - They both unlocks buildings, decoration and more.

     - To increase your level, gain XP by completing quests, harvesting and more.
     - To increase your City Rank, build buildings and decorations around Ravenskye City.

- Totems and Wonders -

     - Totems will attack monsters if they are in range. Make sure you have plenty of totems
to protect your city. Build Wonders to gain powerful abilities!
     - Refer here for more info: Totems and Defense Guide
     - refer here form more info: How to Build Wonders

- Farming -

       Farming is a very good way to gain more Coins, XP and crafting materials in Ravenskye
City. Refer here for more info: Farming, Crops, and Plots Guide

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