Ravenskye City: How to Build Wonders

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       Ravenskye City Wonders are special buildings that you can build to enhance your
gameplay experience! They have unique abilities that can help you with your gameplay and daily routines. Refer here to learn more about Ravenskye City's Wonders!
- Building Wonders -

     - To unlock the Wonders, Hummingbird Haven Wonder for example, you need to be at
least level 15. Every Wonder will require a certain character level.
     - At level 15, go to the Skye Shop > Wonder menu tab to buy a Wonder.

     - Wonders are really powerful buildings that requires a lot of cash and materials!
     - Building them alone will require about 30 Energy per set of requirement!
     - After that, you need to complete the final set of requirements to finish your Wonder.
     - It might take a while before you can build one because of all the requirements but the
rewards are cool and the abilities that you can use are superb!

     - With the help of your friends, you can get this done quick!
     - Here are some Tips you can use:

     - Collect Woods and Rocks in your City.
     - When visiting your neighbors, collect woods or rocks instead!

     - Canvas and Coil of Rope can be found by clearing vines.
     - You shouldn't have any problems here because it's what you've been doing since the

     - Box of Nails can be found by clearing out Rocks. If you need more, visit your
neighbors and clear out some rocks.

     - Click on "Ask Friends" to post a feed request into your wall.
     - Hopefully, your friends will be able to help you out.

     - Check all your friend's game feeds and help them out. Look for requested items that
is similar to what you need. This way, they might send one back as your reward.

- Wonders -

     - Example Wonder:  Hummingbird Haven (Refer to the screenshot above this guide).
     - After building this beautiful looking wonder, it's time to to use it's abilities!

Hummingbird Haven's Ability
     - You can now collect all your buildings with just one click with this wonder.
     - On top of that, you will only spend 1 energy to use this ability!
     - Collect the Hummingbird Helpers from the Winder and use it from the Power Selection.

       Progress through the game to unlock more Wonders to get more special abilities that
can help you! Good luck playing your favorite online browser game on Facebook!

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