Ravenskye City - 6waves' Online Game

Online Game: Ravenskye City
- Publisher: 6waves
- Facebook Game Application
- Role Playing Game / Online Browser Based Social Game

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- Gameplay -

       Ravenskye City is an online Virtual World/Simulation Browser game by Lolapps. A whole
new game in the adventures of Ravenworld!

Lolapps' Facebook Description of Application:

       Join a band of intrepid explorers in search of a new home! When they are struck by a sudden storm, their airship crashes right into the mysterious land of Ravenskye City. Join the expedition and help restore the city to its former glory by rebuilding the city's magnificent buildings. Reunite the lost totems of Ravenskye and craft the most wonderful city the world has ever seen!
       Somewhere in the skies of Ravenworld, a beautiful city is hidden, covered with vines and ruins, and the totems are all in a deep sleep. As you build Ravenskye City back to a city of prominence, you will learn more about the city's ancient prophecy and past.

     - Clear vines, rocks and ruins
     - Build buildings and decorations
     - Farm with plots and crops
     - Revive totems and wonders
     - Complete collections and patches
     - Play with friends!

- Battle Play -

       Ravenskye City's battle play is a simple click to defeat. Clobber monsters around your
city by clicking them to get more bonuses. Each hit requires 1 energy.

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