Mafia Wars 2: Inventory Full! How to Sell Items

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       Inventory full problems are solved by doing the following steps below. You have to clear
your inventory to be able to place newly gained items from missions, gifts, buildings, and other game items that you have requested.
- Selling Items -

     - Open your Inventory.
     - Choose a Menu or Tab in the new window.
     - Put your mouse over the item you want to sell.
     - Click on the white "(X)" mark in the upper right corner of the item's portrait.
     - Click on Sell.

     - All items that can't be stored in your inventory will be placed in your turf instead.

       It is highly recommended that you only sell items from your inventory when you get the
message "Inventory Full". Preferably, sell your weakest item first then store the new item.

       Do not sell all your weak items, always make your inventory full and only sell items one
at a time as stated above. This is because you will need all the gears you currently have for equipping your main crew for the 5 vs 5 battle events!

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