Ravenskye City: Collections Guide

       Collections is an added feature in Ravenskye City to give players an extra boost of
materials, coins and XP. Refer to this guide to learn how to complete all collections sets then turning them in for more great rewards!
- How to Complete Collections -

     - You can get the materials randomly around Ravenskye City.
     - If you want to know the required materials, how to obtain information and rewards, go to
your collections window and browse on the different sets of collections.

     - Put your mouse over the collections to view where you can get the materials.
     - Chopping Vines or Rocks
     - Recharging Totems
     - Defeating monsters
     - Helping friends or neighbors
     - Collecting buildings
     - Harvesting crops
     - and more!

     - Just play the game normally until you can get a complete collection.
     - Every time you gather a new material, a new window will pop up showing your progress
in the current material and collection set.

- Turning In Collections -

     - Go to your Storage > Collections Tab to turn in completed collections.
     - It is best to claim your rewards when you are about to level up with no energy left in
your energy bar. This way, you can gain a level up, full energy bar and more game time.

Level of Collections
     - Keep on turning in collections to increase the level of the collection set.
     - When you reach level 6 and 10, you can get a bonus item like Powers and more!

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