Mafia Wars 2: How to Rob Rivals

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       Having problems robbing rivals in Mafia Wars 2? Here is a simple guide to show you how
to rob defeated opponents and rivals in-game! Oh! and please never do this in real life, it won't work! LOL! XD
- Rob Rivals -

Initiating a Rob
     - Go to your home turf or any point of the game and click on the Rivals icon.
     - A list of Rivals will be shown, now pick a rival lower to your level.
     - If you don't have any rivals, add more friends or refer to the 2nd method below.

     - Mark: Mark rival to easily spot preferred rivals. Access it through the "Marked" button.
     - Hit List: Share a feed to your friends, asking them to help you defeat rivals.
     - Rob: Go to your rival's turf and rob their buildings and workers!

Defeat Rival!
     - Before you can rob them though, you have to defeat them in their territory.
Rob Building or Worker!
     - An icon similar to the above pic should appear on your rival's building or worker.
     - Click on it to start robbing! Energy is still required so be aware of that.
     - If you can't find any icons like the one above, it means the turf you are robbing doesn't
have any "ready to harvest" buildings or workers. NEW!

Robbery Failed!
     - Sometimes, you will get a "Robbery Failed" notification. Why is that?
The Heat Meter

     - When you rob a rival's building, you attract more attention indicated by the heat meter
in  the bottom right corner. As the heat meter increases, it becomes more difficult to rob that rival's turf.

Moving on...
     - Rob their buildings and workers until they become wasted or fully robbed.
     - Check the sample screenshot above this guide.

     - If you can't rob rivals because all their buildings and workers are fully robbed, Just try again
and again until you can hit a turf! NEW!

- Rob Opponents -

     - Go to the fight Arena like Bone Yard and show them what you got.
     - When you fight someone in the Bone Yard, they get added to your Rivals Bar at the
bottom of the screen.

     - When you win a fight and wanna rob the guy's turf, click on their portrait and select
"Rob" or simply click on "Click to Rob" above to visit their territory.
     - Refer to the above methods on how to rob your rival next.

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