An error occurred with MapleStory Adventures. Please try again later.

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       Unable to send gifts, request/ask items or quest items. These problems always come and go and so far, this kind of game error or issue has been hindering MapleStory Adventurers since close beta testing. Read the full details below for more information and possible solutions.
- Game Error -
     - "An error occurred with MapleStory Adventures. Please try again later."

Prevents you from:
     - Sending gifts to your friends.
     - Requesting game items.
     - Asking quest items.

     - It seems that "sharing bonuses" are not affected by this game error.
     - Can still accept gifts normally.
     - Some players are not affected by this problem but they will experience it eventually
at some point of the game.

- Possible Solutions -

     - There has been some solutions or work arounds, but they don't seem to work right now
with this kind of problem.

     - Tried clearing browser cache or cookies, switching browsers, updating flash/browsers.
Still didn't solve the issue.

     - So far, there are no solutions for this problem. The only way is to help us report this
problem to the Devs to notify them about this.

MapleStory Support Page
     - Click this link: MapleStory Facebook Game App
     - Click on Support or Contact Developer
     - Fill up the details then send.

Latest Dev's Reply to All Players: NEW!

Thank you for playing the MapleStory Adventures open beta.  Here is a list of the current known issues that the developers are working hard to resolve as quickly as possible.
 Unable to Send/Receive Gifts, Unable to Share Wall PostsIssue: Some players are currently receiving the following error message when attempting to send/receive gifts or when sharing a wall post: “An error occurred with MapleStory Adventures. Please try again later.”

Cannot Move to Next Page in Fashion WindowIssue: If a player has 8 items in a Fashion window tab, they cannot move to the next page.

We will continue to provide updates on the status of these issues on this page.  If you come across an issue, you can submit a report by visiting and clicking the “Contact Developer” link on the left side of the page.

     - All we have to do next is to wait for them to fix this problem. ^^

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