MapleStory Adventures: Perfect Disguise Guidebook Location

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       This guide will clear all confusions about the Peaceful Mid Forest 8 quest. Refer below
and learn where and how to obtain a Perfect Disguise Guide Book. Good luck playing your favorite online browser game on Facebook!
- How to Complete Peaceful Mid Forest 8  -

Quest Info:
     - Quest: Peaceful Mid Forest 8
     - Quest NPC: Emily

Quest Description:
     - Get 1 Perfect Disguise Guide Book(s) 0/1
     - Move to Dusky Mid Forest I 0/1
     - Hey! My friend told me that their friend's dad's cousin saw the face of the Wooden Mask! I heard it was the face of an ancient old lady! Like, with lots of wrinkles.

To Complete:
     - Go to Henesys Map
     - Move to Dusky Mid Forest I (Required Lvl: 29)

     - Hunt Wooden Masks - They will drop the quest item.
     - The Perfect Disguise Guide Book is a RARE drop from Wooden Masks.
     - Yes, you might need to hunt a lot of Wooden Masks to get one.

To increase the drop rate of quest items, do the following:
     - Go to any town.
     - Talk to Alberich the Enchanter.
     - Enchant your Hat and Cape to increase your Lucky Chance (drop rate).

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