MapleStory Adventures Ultimate Leveling Guide

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       This guide will help all MapleStory Adventurers achieve their character's maximum level. Refer here to learn how to level up your job class effectively and efficiently. Plan your strategies early on with this guide's help to go through your adventures at ease.
- Tips For All Job Classes -
Tips to Remember
     - Please read the MonsterStory Adventures Tips and Tricks Section.
     - Because I will no longer explain some details here.

     - 1 Monster Damage = Less 1 Energy to your current Energy.
     - A monster will only attack you once per hit you dealt to the monster, even if it misses.
     - Monsters doesn't respawn on the same place (trick for sniping, check above pic).
     - Monsters will give lesser EXP every time you level up!

Best Leveling Areas
     - Leveling up to Lvl 25 is pretty straight forward. When you reach level 26, you can
now call yourself a true MapleStory adventurer. From now on, stick to the following leveling areas to gain better EXP results.

     - Henesys - Farm Near Middle Forest - Mad for Chicken Collection - Low-Fat Chicken
     - Monster Drops: Lvl 28 Weapons

     - Florina Beach - Clang's Sandy Beach - Clang's Buffet Collection - Cooked Sea Bream NEW!
     - Monster Drops:

     - Kerning - Subway Line 2 - Iron Mutae's Missing Parts Collection - Green Apple
     - Monster Drops: Lvl 36 Shoes

     - Perion - Relic Excavation Camp II - Cactus Yummies Collection - Lemon
     - Monster Drops: Lvl 42 Coat and Lvl 42 Pants

     - Ellinia - Magic Fairy Area - Fairy's Wardrobe Collection - Honey
     - Monster Drops: Lvl 44 Gloves and Lvl 46 Shoes

     - Kerning - The Swamp of Despair - Stone Bug's Lucky Charms - Orange
     - Monster Drops:  Lvl 52 Coat and Lvl 52 Pants

     - Why these areas? because you can exchange the Area's Collections to Energy.
     - More Energy > More Kills > More EXP

     - Proceed to other maps only to unlock or complete quests for more EXP and bonuses,
then return to your favorite leveling area above to level up.

     - Boss Hunts - They give better EXP than regular monsters. Stop hunting boss monsters
if they start to give lesser EXP than the regular monsters in your leveling area.

When to use Non-AOE (Area of Effect) Skills
     - Note that 1 successful damage from monsters is equal to +1 Hit to your total hits.

     - Non-AOE Skills are your primary attacks and are best for 1 on 1 situations.
     - Best to use on Boss Monsters or on energy giving areas.
     - If you can kill a single monster in a newly open area (best leveling area) within 3~4 total
hits, stay. Otherwise, go back to a more suitable area.

     - If you have a Level 4 or 5 enchanted weapon, criticals will dish out more often and you
will be able to 1~2 hit kill regular monsters.

When to use AOE (Area of Effect) Skills
     - Note that 1 successful damage from monsters is equal to +1 Hit to your total hits.

     - Use AOE Skills if you can kill monsters with lesser total hits than your Non-AOE Skills.
     - example: You can a kill a monster within 4 hits using your Non-AOE Skill
(monster damage included). 4 hits x 3 monsters = 12 total hits. To make use of your AOE Skill that can hit up to 3 targets effectively, you must be able to kill 3 monsters under 12 total hits (monster damage included).

     - Best to use on energy giving areas.
     - To minimize the number of hits from monsters, enchant your Coat/Long Coat, Pants
and Shield. Higher enchants will give better results.

     - Visit Alberich the Enchanter in your Home to help you Enchant your gears.
     - Refer here to learn more: MapleStory Adventures Gear Enchantment Guide

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