MapleStory Adventures - Nexon Korea Corporation's Online Game

Online Game:
MapleStory Adventures
- Publisher: Nexon Korea Corporation
- Facebook Game Application
- Platform-Side Scrolling / Role Playing Game / Online Browser Based Social Game

       Refer below to learn more about MapleStory Adventures' Gameplay and Battle Play Features.
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- Gameplay -
       Nexon's MapleStory Adventures opens a whole new Maple Story chapter on Facebook.
A side-scrolling online browser game that will again enchant players worldwide!
       Create your character and start your adventure from the mushroom town of Henesys.
Find your way and explore fantastic places while completing quests to hone yourself and to help your allies.

       Customize your character with countless number of Gears and Fashion Items. From
folded newspaper outfits to high leveled stunning outfits and wings. Mix and match to fit your play style. Learn the ancient arts of crafting and upgrading to gain the advantage over your enemies.

       Invite your Facebook friends and form an alliance to stop the revival of the Black Mage
that now claws his way back into Maple World.
       Now's your chance! Become the new hero of Maple World!

- Battle Play -
       MapleStory Adventures is a side-scrolling click to move and attack battle play. Unlike the famous MapleStory, MapleStory Adventures on Facebook will no longer support keyboard jump strokes. (No more Jump Quests Here!).

       Attacks will require 1 Energy per hit and instead of Health Points (HP), You will lose
1 Energy whenever you get hit by the enemy.

       Skills can be used by equipping them and it is fired automatically as attacks without
worrying about Mana Points (MP) consumption.

       The Party System is modified from live "Team Party" to "Hiring Friends".
Hire your friends to aid you in your battles and to conserve your Energy.

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