MapleStory Adventures Tips and Tricks

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       Here are some Tips and Tricks that you can use for your online browser game: MapleStory Adventures. Learn the Basics and Advanced methods to quickly set your way through your Adventures. Good Luck playing your favorite Facebook game!
- The Basics -

     - Hold your left mouse button and drag your mouse to any direction to navigate around
the map you are in. Very useful for searching NPCs (Non Player Character).
     - Use your Map to easily move between areas.

     - Daily Bonus: Play multiple days in a row to get better bonuses! Resets at server time.
     - Go to your Home and Claim your Daily Bonus at the Maple Mailbox. NEW!
     - Quests: Do your quests to gain more bonuses.
     - Open up Mystery and Treasure Boxes to gain random bonuses. Dropped by monsters.
     - Complete collections and claim your rewards.
     - Collect crafting materials and use them for Crafting (Talk to Yulete in your Home).
     - Refer here for: How to Craft Items and Complete Quests  NEW!
     - Send gifts to receive gifts from your friends. Resets at server time.
     - Check your Facebook Wall or your friend's Wall for Shared Bonuses.

     - When you run out of Energy, attack any monster to claim a random number of energy from the new energy chance window. Resets at server time.

Heart Level NEW!
     - Hire your friends to increase your Heart Level and gain rewards!
     - Using returning Hires will net you more Heart EXP.
     - Go to your neighbor's Home and harvest your friend's reactors! NEW!
     - Refer here: MapleStory Adventures: Home Space Guide

     - At certain levels, you will be able to hire up to 3 friends at a time!

Solution for Claiming and Sending Gifts Bug! (Lessen Expired Links)

     Sending/Requesting Items:
     - First, Close the Message Center window. Do not send or claim any gifts for now.
     - Next, make sure to fully load the game and you are able to
play MapleStory Adventures without the interruption of the Black Mage (loading error).

     - Send your gifts or requests to your friends then wait for at least 10 seconds.
     - To check if you successfully sent the items or requests, send the gift or request again.
     - If you can still see your friends in the list, send it again till they are no longer listed.
     - Finally, Wait for them to accept your gift or requests.
     - Make sure to click your Facebook Home to exit the game safely.

     - Works on all browsers and no need to clean your cache.

     Receiving/Accepting Request Items:
     - First, Close the Message Center window. Do not accept any gifts or requests for now.
     - Next, make sure to fully load the game and you are able to
play MapleStory Adventures without the interruption of the Black Mage pop-up error.
     - Open the Message Center window. Click the number next to the orange mushroom
(upper right corner of your game screen) to open the Message Center.
     - Finally, Accept all gifts and requests.

     - Some gifts or requests might return an error message. Just ignore them.

       All steps above will work on all browsers and no need to clean your cache.

Hiring Friends
     - Invite friends to help you in battle.
     - You can only hire the same friend once per day while Emily, Edward and other NPCs
can be hired every 4 hours.
     - You can also hire friends who hired you (Returning Hires).

- Leveling and Questing -

     - Every damage dealt by your enemies will deplete 1 Energy. Can be negated by blocks.
     - If you want to battle monster on flat areas only, exit the map and enter again. This will
instantly respawn killed monsters. This is useful specially for long ranged characters.

     - Attacking higher leveled monsters than your Lvl = your attacks will MISS! a lot.
     - Attacking lower leveled monsters than your Lvl = higher items drop rate.
     - After entering a new map, always accept side quests from NPCs to complete them
head on while doing your main quests.
     - It is recommended to follow your Quests to easier understand the game.

General Leveling
     - All Areas have a level requirement to unlock them.
     - Finish all quests to gain EXP boosts and more.
     - Enter newly unlocked areas as soon as possible to gain better EXP and rewards.
     - Higher Damage Power will increase your EXP gain per Energy used.
     - Start buying Lvl 10 and above gears from the Shop to increase your Damage Power.
     - Upgrade your Skills to gain more Damage Power.
     - Ideal number of attacks per normal monster: 4 and below.

     - Hire friends to increase your EXP gain plus 5 free Energy and gift bonuses.
     - Hunt monster Bosses for EXP boosts every time they respawn.
     - Use or request Energy giving consumables to increase your play time.

     - Enchant your gears! NEW!

     - Fore more in depth leveling guide refer to the link below.
     - MapleStory Adventures Ultimate Leveling Guide

     - Visit Alberich the Enchanter in your Home to help you Enchant your gears.  NEW!
     - Refer here: MapleStory Adventures Gear Enchantment Guide

     - Weapon - increases Critical Strike Chance
     - Hat - Lucky Chance (increases drop rates)
     - Cape - Lucky Chance (increases drop rates)
     - Coat - increases Block Chance
     - Long Coat - increases Block Chance
     - Pants - increases Block Chance
     - Gloves - increases Accuracy
     - Shoes - increases Accuracy

- Available Item Requests -

       This section will cover all available item requests to fully take the advantage of gifting.
Lemons (+ 10 Energy) Requests
     - Empty your Energy Bar and use all energy consumables from your bag.
     - Attack a monster without any hired friends. If you can get free energy, use them first.
     - A notice will pop-up giving you a chance to request energies from your friends.

Skill Permits
     - Use all Skill Permits by upgrading your skills.
     - Click the "Buy" or "Upgrade" button from the Skill upgrade window.
     - A notice will pop-up giving you a chance to request Skill Permits from your friends.

Golden Keys
     - Use all Golden Keys by opening any Treasure Boxes that you want.
     - Click the "Use" button below the Treasure Boxes.
     - A notice will pop-up giving you a chance to request Golden Keys from your friends.

Quest Related
     - Just click on the Quest Icon then click on "Ask Friend" button.
     - Some quests will post a Feed request to your Facebook Wall.

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