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       Here are some Clash of the Dragons' Tips and Tricks to help you decide which class, deck, packs and cards is best for your gaming style. Good luck playing your favorite Facebook Game and don't forget to share this guide to your friends.
- Primary Stats and Classes -

       Your attributes will change in accordance with the class selection you've made.
       Stats below can be enhanced through equipments and stat giving cards. NEW!

Stats Information
     - Strength: Weapon Damage and Absorption Value
     - Agility: Weapon Damage and Critical Chance

     - Intellect: Magic Damage and Critical Chance
     - Wisdom: Magic Damage and Absorption Value

Classes (Initial Stats)
     - Sentinel Str +2 and Wisdom +1
     - Weapon +2, Magic +1, Absorb +3 and Critical Chance + 0
     - Best tankers because of their high absorption. Criticals doesn't come often though.
     - Can also use Magic Attacks.
     - Assassin Str +1 and Agi +2
     - Weapon +3, Magic +0, Absorb +1 and Critical Chance +2
     - Can deal massive amount of damages because of their high attack and critical chances.
     - Not very effective for Magic Attacks and they have low damage absorption.
     - Pyrelord Int +1 and Wisdom +2
     - Weapon +0, Magic +3, Absorb +2 and Critical Chance + 1
     - Can deal high magic damages with fair damage absorption and criticals.
     - Not very effective for Weapon Attacks.

     - Druid Str +1 and Int+1 Wisdom +1 NEW!
     - Weapon +1, Magic +2, Absorb +2 and Critical Chance + 1
     - Can deal fair magic damages with fair damage absorption and criticals.
     - Can also use Weapon Attacks.

     - After selecting your first class, do not remove any cards until you can buy packs.
     - Use weapon attacks for Sentinels & Assassins, magic attacks for Pyrelords & Druids.
     - When you start buying card packs, slowly replace undesired cards.
     - Refer to "Best Booster Packs to Buy" below this guide for more info.

     - As a start, your first priority is to unlock the Rank 1 Duplication Skill.
For more information about Clash of the Dragons Skill and Skill Tree refer below.

       Unlocking another class requires Lvl 25 and 25 Skill Points. It is best to unlock other
classes when you get enough cards for that class.

- Class Specific Cards -

       Some cards can enhance your card battling strategies depending on the class you
control. Class Specific cards can still be played by any class but some class can wield this card better.
       Refer to the image above and examine the differences.
       Example: Backstab Card
     - Assassin class will get the 1 Attack and 1 Defense plus a +3 damage when played.
     - Other classes will only get the 1 Attack and 1 Defense when played.

- Card Colors (Rarity) -

Card's rarity can be determined by examining the card name's color.
     - Common - Gray
     - Uncommon - Green
     - Rare - Purple
     - Epic - Orange
     - Legendary - Red

- Best Booster Packs to Buy -

       Refer to the screenshot at the topmost of this guide for card pack images.

Non-Cash (Gold) Players
     - Buy Bronze Packs to replace all undesired cards from your deck (20 cards).
     - Weapon attacks for Sentinels & Assassins, magic attacks for Pyrelords & Druids.
     - Then save up and start buying Gold Packs. (6,000 Gold each - Price Reduced). NEW!
     - Gold Packs contain Common and Uncommon cards, along with the occasional Rare.

Cash (Dragon Coins) Players
     - Premade Decks are good choice for starters (150 Dragon Coins).
     - Contains a good amount of Uncommon cards and 2 Rare Cards.
     - Buy Platinum, Diamond or Mystery packs to strengthen your deck if liked.

- Crafting Cards -

       If you are a non-cash player, this is a good way to get some Epic and Legendary Cards
for your deck. It might take some time though.

Where to get Crafting Materials
     - Random form Gifts
     - Beating AI monsters (varies per stage).
     - Rewards from Brawls
     - Random Rewards from opening card packs.

- Equipments -

       Now you can buy equipments to temporarily increase your stats for a number of turns.
Where can I get Equipments?
     - Buy them from the Shop.
     - Obtain random equipment from battles (rare drops).

       Equip your equipments in your profile page to use them.

- Leveling Up -

       Clash of the Dragons' leveling system is simple and easy. Just battle AI monsters and
complete every stage. Join or create brawls for more EXP and rewards every 24 hours.

Leveling Method
     - Keep in mind that your Energy bar will refill itself every time you level up.
     - When leveling, try to reduce your remaining EXP to the lowest value that you can while
keeping enough energy for a level up.
     - Next, look for the highest EXP that you can get with your available Energy.
     - This way you can complete the stages faster.

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