Monster Galaxy: How to Evolve Mogas

       Moga Evolution is finally here! Now we can gain more Mogas through Evolution. Learn how to evolve your Mogas and prepare them for more upcoming updates. Note that this is what Monster Galaxy said about the "Black Gold Quest" - "having multiple Mogas will aid you in the future..."

- Steps for Evolving Mogas -

Step 1
     - Choose the Moga that you want to gain through Evolution.

     - To browse those Mogas, go to your Team Select Page.
     - Look for Moga icons that is labeled with: EVOLVE
     - Click on it to see it's Base Moga requirement.
     - Look for the "Evolves from (Moga Name)" to determine the Base Moga.
     - For this guide, we will try to evolve Chuuzilla from Chuuchillas.

Step 2
     - Find the Base Moga in your Team Select Page.

     - The icons of Base Mogas are label with: EVOLVE
     - Click on it for more information
     - For this guide, look for Chuchilla and click on it.
     - If you already have more than one Chuchilla, click any of them.
     - Click the "Show Evolution" button to start the evolution.
Step 3
     - Evolving requires a number of Mogas and a certain amount of Evolution Potions.
     - In case you have insufficient number of Mogas, a message box will appear.
     - It's OK, just capture some more to continue.
     - If you have insufficient number of Evolution Potions, you can ask from your friends as
a gift or buy them from the Sky Shop (cash).

     - For Chuuzilla, we will need 4 Chuchillas and 2 Evolution Potions.

Step 4
     - Evolution!
     - Select the Mogas that you would like to use for Evolution.
     - Now, Click on the  EVOLVE NOW!  button.

Step 5
     - CONGRAZZLES! We now have a new evolved Moga roaming around our Home.
Step 6
     - Rename your new Moga.
     - The Lvl of the new evolved Moga is equal to the average Lvl of all base Mogas used.
     - ex: Chuuuchillas: Lvl 20, Lvl 20, Lvl 20 and Lvl 20 = 80/4 = Lvl 20 (Lvl Expected).

       TIP: After using all your base Mogas for evolution, you will still need to capture at least
one them to complete your Moga Dex. Base Mogas used will disappear after the evolution.