How to Catch Devibun and Jackalope

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       Devibun and Jackalope are Limited Mogas in Monster Galaxy that you can only catch during or after Easter (April). Around this time, You will automatically encounter Sgt Pier when you enter the game and he will give you details about the two limited Mogas.
- Easter Egg Event Quests -

Collect 15 Eggs
     - Find and defeat Robo-bunnies to collect eggs.
     - Location: Randomly appears all over the map.
     - Tip: Robo-bunnies are immune to Star Seeds for this event! 
     - You can also get Easter eggs from your friend's wall.

Capture Devibun
     - Location: Mega Hole (Sunshire Map).
     - Star Seed Maximum Capture Rate: 29% (Devibun is a Rare Moga).

Collect 100 Eggs
     - The fastest way to collect Easter eggs is through your friend's Wall posts.

     - To easily browse your Monster Galaxy friend's Wall posts, Go to your Facebook
Home Page, click on "Games" or "Game Requests" from your left sidebar. Click on "More" if you can't find any. Choose Monster Galaxy from the list or from the drop down box to view all Easter Eggs posted by your friends.

     - Share your Easter Eggs and put a little comment like "Please share your Easter eggs too thanks ^^". This way, your friends might return the favor.

     - Personally, I just stayed at Mega Hole (Sunshire Map) to farm Easter Eggs. Skip or
Run whenever you encounter non-Robo-bunnies.

     - If you have difficulty defeating Robo-bunnies, use your low leveled Mogas instead.

Capture a Jackalope
     - Location: Spiral Cave (Sunshire Map)
     - Star Seed Maximum Capture Rate: 9% (Jackalope is an Epic Moga).
     - Good Luck!

- Easter Egg Surprise -
Friedrich Moga
     - Friedrich was available to catch during the Easter Egg Event because of a bug from the game. Now, it's fixed and Friedrich is no longer catchable. Lucky to those who caught Friedrich and for the others, we have to wait for the next event to catch this Moga.

From: Moga Tae (one of the developers)

       "The following was added to the bug list thread. It was a temporary bug where Friedrich got out. It'll be coming in the near future in some form or another (can't say how yet).

ON OUR RADARS:* Friedrich escaped from its cage and was in the wild for a brief period, but it was recaptured by the officials without harm and nobody got hurt. Zoo officials are on heightened alert so that this doesn't happen again! Sorry about that!"